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9 Poses For Losing Fat – Yoga Asanas for Weight Loss

Asanas is not just for spiritual wellness. It’s important to remember that it is through the physical practice of moving the body through these postures that practitioners cultivate a sense of wholeness and balance in their lives. As well as being excellent for boosting mood, many people find relief from physical discomfort with regular yoga practice. With this article, you’ll learn to do yoga asanas for weight loss!

The following post will introduce you to 9 yoga poses that can help you lose fat, including what muscle groups each one target and how they can be performed. Before we get to that, let’s mention two things you need to know about yoga.

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9 Poses For Losing Fat – Yoga Asanas for Weight Loss

What do you need before beginning?

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Alright, let’s learn how to do Yoga Asanas for weight loss. Here are the nine yoga poses that can help you lose weight.

1) Mountain Pose

The mountain pose also known as Tadasana is a great start for a yoga practice because it gently brings the body into a balanced, grounded position. It is a useful pose to learn when starting out because it helps you gauge how your body will feel in the other poses and the types of sensations you might experience in your practice.

The mountain pose can help strengthen the legs, improve balance and alignment of joints, promote spinal health and relieve fatigue. Try holding this pose for 5-10 breaths.

2) Tree Pose

The tree pose is also known as Vrksasana and looks like a giant sapling bent over at the waist with the arms by the side. This position helps to activate deep abdominal muscles, lengthen the spine and strengthen your core. It’s an ideal muscle-toning pose that is great for beginners or anyone that wants to firm up their body.

3) Squat Pose (Malasana)

This is one of the best yoga poses for toning the buttocks. Find a chair or bench, then drop into a squat position, keeping your knees behind toes. Make sure your weight is on your heels. This pose will help tone your thighs and buttocks.

4) Half Moon Pose (Ardha Chandrasana)

This pose requires a little balance so it may be a challenge for beginners to master, but with practice, it can have huge benefits. With the half-moon pose, you’ll work the muscles in your groin while at the same time you’ll strengthen your shoulders and arms while increasing flexibility in the hips and spine. In addition to boosting circulation to your lower body, this pose also helps reduce stress and anxiety levels while improving posture and core strength.

Make sure to keep your shoulders relaxed away from your ears while maintaining a straight back during this challenging pose.

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5) Cobra Pose

The cobra pose strengthens the spine while reducing stress and fatigue. This requires a lot of core strength so it may be best to hold this pose for 5-10 breaths or use it as a way to warm up to another pose.

6) Downward Facing Dog

This is one of the classic yoga poses for toning and strengthening your body. It’s an inverted V shape position that stretches out your back and activates muscles in your upper body. You can also try taking a deep breath in this pose, holding it, and then slowly exhaling while lowering yourself towards the floor until your shoulders press against your mat and roll back and you can feel a stretch in your hamstrings and calves.

7) Happy Baby Pose (Ananda Balasana)

This yoga pose feels a little strange at first, but it’s a great way to bring the mind and body together. In this pose, you lie on your back with legs up at about a 45-degree angle. Then you gently rock up and down as though you’re hugging your baby to reduce stress and anxiety. It’s an excellent way to bring energy into the body by encouraging positive thoughts and feeling that everything will work out just fine.

You are almost finished learning how to do yoga asanas for weight loss. Two more poses and we are done!

8) Low Push-Up (Chaturanga)

This relaxed forward bend is an excellent posture for strengthening and toning muscles in the arms, back and chest while also increasing flexibility in the hips. To do this pose, start in a low deep squat with legs together. Then slowly lower your body down until your shoulders are at the ground and you form a 90-degree angle between your arms.

To increase balance, you can take one side of the body and lift it off the floor as though it’s about to hop away from you. A variation of this pose is to hold a block or book against your chest as you perform the movement.

9) Seated Forward Fold

This pose is similar to a forward bend except that instead of lying flat on the floor, you’re going to sit back over your feet with legs outstretched in front of you.

Practice this pose after warming up with other yoga poses, or practice before bedtime to calm your mind and encourage restful sleep. It can also be an excellent way to relieve chronic pain or muscular tension while stimulating your body’s natural healing mechanisms.

You may want to take a quick break after 10 minutes, but if so, don’t spend time lying down in the same position! Use it as a way to help balance out any fatigue you might be feeling in the body.

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So, here is how you do yoga asanas for weight loss! We hope you enjoyed the article. If you want to read more and learn how to lose belly fat with doing yoga, check the article below:

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Thank you for reading.

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Yoga Asanas for Weight Loss

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