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Secret Link Between Vitamin D and Mental Health

Everyone has heard that Vitamin D is important for strong bones and a healthy immune system, but what many people don’t know is how it could also be playing a role in mental health. There are researches that suggest Vitamin D may have an important connection to mood, memory, and brain function. Let’s uncover the link between Vitamin D and mental health.

Is there a Link Between Vitamin D and Mental Health?

Vitamin D and Mental Health

Of course, there are numerous factors involved in mental health, and scientists are still researching the different reasons why people develop depression. But one important link is that Vitamin D might play a role in mental health.

There are articles supporting that there is a link between vitamin D and mental health:

Vitamin D deficiency is a risk factor for older adults, adolescents, obese individuals, and those with chronic illnesses (e.g., diabetes). It is interesting to observe that these same groups have been identified as being at risk for depression (CDC, 2009; Lemstra et al., 2008; Lustman, Penckofer, & Clouse, 2008; Strine et al., 2008). In the future, vitamin D supplementation should be studied for its potential role as a treatment for depression. A simple and cost-effective method to prevent depression and possibly other mental disorders would include exercising outdoors, eating foods high in vitamin D, and/or taking dietary supplements to overcome vitamin D deficiency.

However, there are also some articles claiming that there is no correlation:

According to a study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism in 2014, supplementing vitamin D at 4,000 IUs had no effect on depression versus a placebo. (1)

We believe that trying supplementation on top of other lifestyle changes won’t do any harm and might help you. Please check the vitamin D supplement below and read reviews to choose wisely.

Best Vitamin D Supplement for Mental Health

Sports Research 5000 IU Vitamin D3

By helping you metabolize calcium and supporting your immune system, Vitamin D is known as the “sunshine vitamin.” This Vitamin D3 formula uses the same biologically active form of vitamin D that occurs naturally in the body when exposed to direct sunlight without the risk of UVA and UVB exposure. 

In order to absorb calcium and maintain healthy bones and teeth, we need to get vitamin D every day.

The soft gels contain cold-pressed organic virgin coconut oil in an effort to aid your body with the absorption of D3, since D3 is fat-soluble. You can easily add vitamin D3 to your daily regimen with these easy-to-swallow capsules

Sports Research is dedicated to providing its customers with supplements that contain the finest ingredients on the market so that they can feel secure about the supplements they take. 

This vitamin D supplement (as cholecalciferol) complies with GMO-free standards and does not contain soybean or safflower oils. Formulated with organic coconut oil.

In their U.S.-based facilities, they manufacture vitamin D3 soft gels in compliance with cGMP guidelines and have third-party quality testing. The D3 vitamin supplements come in a supply of 360 for a one-month supply. Boost your vitamin D levels!

This comment below is among the other great positive reviews of this product, the user showcases the effects and the link between vitamin d and mental health:

I don’t even know where to begin. Last year my vitamin D levels were at 18. I was feeling like complete and utter garbage. Tired all the time my hair falling out fatigue the body aches the nasty mood. It was like I was in PMS or menopause I got so bad people didn’t want to even be around me. And the worst part was the depression I was sad and in a fog all the time. I started taking over-the-counter vitamin D and it didn’t do much!!! I started to do research and found your product after about 3 weeks I did some blood work and my vitamin D levels were at 43. They were back into normal range my hair stop falling, the brain fog is gone I’m sleeping better and I’m in a much happier place! I do not know if thank you will ever be enough for bringing me back to life in a sense. Even my doctor is amazed and asked me what I was taking and said she will start recommending it to her patients with vitamin D issues

Name of the User: Chop’s Momma

Check it Out


Vitamin D is known to be a powerful nutrient that might help improve mental health besides boosting your immune system. 

There are researches showcasing that vitamin D is useful in improving mental health, still, some researchers claim there are no correlations.

If you are severely depressed, anxious, and/or suffering from serious mental diseases, always consult your doctor before you start supplementation.

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Secret Link Between Vitamin D and Mental Health

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