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7 Incredible Things That’s Vitamin B Good For

Vitamin B-12 and folate (vitamin B-9) are two of the most versatile and important vitamins to take care of. We’ve compiled a list of seven incredible things that is vitamin B good for.

Also, within this article, we’ll talk about the most important vitamin B-rich foods and give you a supplement suggestion at the end.

Let’s start!

Benefits of Vitamin B

Vitamin B Rich Foods

Vitamins ensure that our body is functioning at its full potential, which in turn keeps us happy and healthy. Most people have some idea of the benefits of Vitamin B, but do they know exactly what it does?

This section will provide an overview detailing how Vitamin B can help you feel better and live longer, while also preventing diseases like heart disease, cancer, and digestion.

1) Promotes Healthy Immunity

Is Vitamin B good for immune function? Yes, which is why it is often included in multivitamin supplements. Vitamin B helps keep the immune system strong by helping to form antibodies that can fight off infections. There are two types of vitamin B that are needed for the immune system to function properly: natural Vitamin B1 (also known as thiamin) and natural Vitamin B2 (also known as riboflavin). Other forms of vitamin B work by providing direct support or supply “building blocks”.

2) Protection Against Heart Disease

Research shows that the nutrients found in vitamin B play an important role in lowering blood cholesterol levels. Specifically, Vitamin B6 and folic acid help the body break down high-cholesterol foods. Vitamin B6 is also thought to help prevent artery damage caused by inflammation, which can lead to plaque build-up and heart attack.

3) Cancer Prevention

Vitamin B12 helps produce cells that protect against cancer. It also helps the body to recycle folate (aka folic acid or Vitamin B9), which is vital for female reproduction and child development. Folate has also been linked to lower levels of breast cancer.

4) Production of Feel-Good Hormones

Vitamin B6 is needed to produce the neurotransmitters dopamine, epinephrine, and norepinephrine, which can help to reduce stress and boost mood. Vitamin B6 may also be helpful for improving sleep quality.

5) Healthy Digestion

Vitamin B helps to keep the digestive system running smoothly by stimulating juices that break food down into amino acids for absorption in the intestines. It also helps produce gastric juices that aid in digestion.

6) Energy Production

Vitamin B helps to convert food into energy by using the B vitamins, glucose, and fat in the diet to produce ATP or adenosine triphosphate. It also boosts energy levels because it helps the body use oxygen more efficiently. As you now know that’s Vitamin B good for Energy too, be sure to eat a Vitamin B rich diet before exercising!

7) Reduces Inflammation

Vitamin B6 is needed for the production of nitric oxide, which has anti-inflammatory properties. 

Vitamin B Rich Foods

Vitamin B Rich Foods

Here is the Vitamin B Rich Foods:

-Beef liver







-Whole grains 

One of the best ways to avoid being deficient in Vitamin B is to have a balanced diet that includes the Vitamin B-rich food sources listed. Eating foods that are rich in this important vitamin will help you maintain energy levels, your mood, and your memory. What is Vitamin B good for also is the development of red blood cells which are vital for carrying oxygen throughout our bodies. 

A deficiency can lead to anemia, diabetes, eczema or psoriasis, depression, ringing in your ears – tinnitus – vertigo, and more. If you have a family history of any of these conditions, you may want to consider taking a B-12 supplement. 

Best Vitamin B Supplement

Nested Naturals B-Complex


The B-Complex formula includes all eight members of the B family, plus two additional cousins: choline and inositol. Because B-vitamins work best when they are balanced, everything is included!

Niacinamide, an alternative form of B3, does not cause flushing or anxiety as does niacin, which causes these symptoms. Nested Naturals B-Complex has ZERO Niacin.

The B12 they use is methylcobalamin. The body uses it more easily than cyanocobalamin, which it must process to use. 

Those ingredients are sourced from the best sources, produced ethically. B-Complex is 100% GMO-free.

B-Complex is 100% vegan. In contrast to gelatin manufactured from animal bones and marrow, the veggie capsules they make are made from “vegetable gelatin.”

Check it Out

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In this article, we explained how is vitamin b good for your well-being. Hopefully, you’ll eat a more vitamin B-rich diet now. If you believe you can’t sustain a diet like that all the time, be sure to check our vitamin B supplement suggestion.

If you want to see more Vitamin B12 sources especially for vegans, check the article below:

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7 Incredible Things That’s Vitamin B Good For

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