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Using Vicks For Weight Loss – Does it Work or Not?

Nowadays there are some viral videos online about women rubbing Vicks for weight loss on their belly and legs before exercising.

Due to the popularity of these videos, some people started to think that using Vicks can actually work. So, does it work or not?

Using Vicks For Weight Loss – Does it Work or Not

First of all, there is this claim that; rubbing Vicks Menthol on your belly activates skin sensors that respond to cold. So, while your overall body sweats your belly temperature stays at moderate levels. On top of that, there is this “study” from Wired that backs cold can actually help to enhance weight loss.

Second, people use Vicks Menthol and wrapping their belly technique for “weight loss”. Well, there is no point in dragging this out. When people use this combo, the only thing they will lose is water weight which can be gained right away. Vicks for weight loss does not work for permanent weight loss.

The most important thing you should get from this article is; sweating does not equal weight loss! You may think otherwise because sweating has been always associated with weight loss. Also, you’ve probably seen people wearing hoodies as they do their cardio, it’s a common misconception.

When your body heats up due to exercising, your body tries to cool it down by sweating. However, your “fat” does not melt away through sweating. Most people sweat much less when they exercise during the winter, does that mean they lose less fat or don’t train hard enough?

Absolutely not! Also, some people don’t sweat as much as other people while exercising because their bodies react to exercising a bit differently. So, this is exactly why wrapping your belly and using Vicks for weight loss don’t work.

How to Lose Fat Fast?

Using Vicks For Weight Loss – Does it Work or Not

We don’t want you to leave without you finding a proper way to lose weight. So, let us explain how you can lose fat without using insane methods like Vicks for weight loss.

First of all, our major pillar is dieting. By dieting, we don’t mean dieting is something you should stop doing once you lose enough fat. You should make your new diet plan stable in your life.

There is a reason why you are in the bodyweight that you currently are; it’s a combination of bad dieting, not exercising, poor life choices, and of course genetics.

The majority of the people would love to play the blame game and say it’s their genetics’ fault because taking responsibility is hard. That’s exactly why people blame their genetics or look for easy shortcuts to lose weight as soon as possible.

Once you commit yourself to the weight loss journey, soon you will realize losing weight is actually not that hard. Just put the responsibility on the discipline’s shoulders.

There are some great lists of foods for healthy and balanced dieting, please check the articles below:

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Our second pillar is exercising. There are so many ways to exercise that you are right to be confused. So, should you do HIIT, functional training, CrossFit, or a bodybuilding routine?

Using Vicks For Weight Loss – Does it Work or Not

Let’s stick to the basics. If you want to lose weight by only making small muscle gains, do a combination of HIIT and powerlifting. Don’t get scared of powerlifting; simply you’ll only do compound exercises such as squats, deadlifts, bench press, and overhead press for gaining muscle.

If you don’t have a home gym, check the article below to find out how to start your own on a budget:

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It’s up to you to decide which HIIT workout is the best. We have many articles on HIIT, click one of the articles below to pave your own way in your weight loss journey:

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So, we figured out what to do for dieting and exercising. What else should you focus on to lose weight?

Using Vicks For Weight Loss – Does it Work or Not

A good night’s sleep can never be replaced, be sure to get enough deep sleep during the night. If you have problems with sleeping at night, check the articles below:

Sleep Like a Baby – The Link Between Pistachios and Melatonin

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Besides sleeping, also living a life without stress is crucial. Yes, it’s much easier to say than do. Especially if you are living in a huge city, stress might seem like something you can’t avoid ever.

Even if you had a stressful day; you can do cardio, yoga, or breathing exercises to lower your stress levels. Check the article below for yoga:

Mindful Exercising to Strengthen Your Mind & Body

Taking Supplements for Weight Loss

Using Vicks For Weight Loss – Does it Work or Not

So, some supplements can help you lose weight as long as you exercise, follow your diet and sleep accordingly.

Supplements can’t ever replace real whole foods or a good night’s sleep. Check the articles below to make up your own mind whether you want to use any supplements or not:

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Does using Vicks for weight loss works? Absolutely not. Don’t listen to any charlatan claiming that there is a much faster way to lose weight besides healthy dieting and regularly exercising.

Stay away from weight loss products that have dodgy claims and have ingredients that you’ve never heard of before.  Most products sound way too good to be true and that’s absolutely right.

Of course, some supplements can assist you to burn fat. Don’t expect miraculous results right after you use any supplements.

Before you go, let us know in the comments: what have you heard about weight loss that sounds way too good to be true? Our team will answer your question right away.

Thank you for reading.

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Using Vicks For Weight Loss

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