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7 Best Under the Desk Treadmill – Ultimate Guide

Humans were not evolved to sit in front of a computer and be physically inactive. In fact, humans are inclined to run, jump and use their strength during the day; but what does the modern human do? Do they run? No, they choose to ignore running or walking by taking the elevator or the escalator. Do they jump? When was the last time you even jumped, can you remember? Do they use their strength? Maybe by lifting the coffee mug… The state that the modern human is awful; we are more inclined to obesity and heart-related diseases more than ever. We live longer than ever, but are we healthy and happy, or are we living a life that’s not quality? Okay, so you got the picture, now, how can you live a healthier life? There is a simple solution to that, getting yourself an under the desk treadmill.

We know that’s a huge claim, but think, how many hours do you spend sitting in front of a computer? Probably 6 to 12 hours a day, now imagine that you can stay active for at least half of that amount. If you work for 10 hours a day in a 5-day workweek, that means in a week you’ll stay active for 25 hours more! If you are still thinking “Big deal, so what?”, let’s briefly look at the scientific health benefits of walking.

under the desk treadmill

  • Healthy Body Size

If you stay active and walk more, you’ll have a lower body mass index (BMI). There is a study that confirms people who walk more and also sit less have lower body mass index. Thanks to being active, you won’t be affected by being obese. (1)

Check this article to learn about fiber supplements that help you lose fat, 7 Best Supplements for Fiber that Will Make You Slimmer”.

  • Less Stress

Modern life brings a lot of stress into our lives, we may not have realized but living a stressful life is killing us silently. If you want to live a less stressful life, walking and exercising help your body to release endorphins that help your mental state. (2)

  • Lower Blood Pressure and Cholesterol

Yes, staying active helps your body to have lower blood pressure and also cholesterol. If you can keep walking consistently, you’ll benefit a lot from it. (3)

  • Lower Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

Sitting for more than an hour without leaving your chair, raises your risks of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. (4)

  • Improved Memory and Brain Power

By keeping your body active, you also keep your brain active. In fact, walking can help your brain to have more gray matter, which indicates a healthier brain. (5) Also, there is a study that walking improves memory, function, and the overall health of the brain. (6)

Above all, all these benefits will lead to you having a longer and better life. (7) This study shows that walking for around 3 hours a week leads to an 11 percent reduced risk of premature death compared to the people who don’t walk that much. Remember our example of walking and staying active for 25 hours more a week? If you walk that much, you’ll definitely have a longer and quality life.

under the desk treadmill

What’s the difference between a regular treadmill and an under the desk treadmill?

First of all, let’s describe the under the desk treadmill;

It’s basically a treadmill with no handles for people who want to use it in front of their desk. Does regular desk work? Not exactly, you should be standing while using an under the desk treadmill. There are standing desks and treadmill desks for working with your laptop while you use them under the desk treadmill.

So what are the differences?

We know it sounds improbable, but most under the desk treadmills have a better motor with higher torque than regular treadmills. That’s because you’ll be walking more than you run on an under the desk treadmill. Now that we are talking about running, can you run on an under the desk treadmill? Some models offer more speed, but because an under the desk treadmill doesn’t have handles, it would be a bit dangerous to run full speed on it. We recommend you choose to walk or jog lightly on an under the desk treadmill.

So basically the main differences are motor power and the handles.

Still, can’t you use a regular treadmill instead of an under the desk treadmill?

Well, as we’ve just talked about, an under the desk treadmill is built differently than a regular treadmill. When you choose to walk more than running on a regular treadmill, that damages your treadmill. Low speeds and low levels of torque equal to treadmill malfunction because regular treadmills were designed for running.

We understand that if you already have a treadmill at home, you may not want to buy another one but if you don’t want to damage what you already have, you should choose an under the desk treadmill to walk on.

Also, an under the desk treadmill is much more space-efficient compared to a regular treadmill, you may easily put away your under the desk treadmill whenever you want.

So if you want to walk and work, you have to choose an under the desk treadmill instead of a regular one.

under the desk treadmill

Important Details of Choosing the Best Under the Desk Treadmill

By walking on an under the desk treadmill; you can use your computer, talk on your phone, respond to e-mails and join online meetings. After a while, when you get used to using your under the desk treadmill, you’ll get healthier and happier without even realizing you’re on a treadmill.

There are several important details on choosing an under the desk treadmill to your liking;

  • Noise

If your treadmill works noisy instead of silently, that can hurt your focus. Although an under the desk treadmill works quieter than a regular treadmill, there are better models which work more silently.

  • User Weight Capacity

If you are not overweight, you don’t have to worry about this. Still, most under the desk treadmills have a weight capacity between 200 to 450 lbs. However, you won’t be running on an under the desk treadmill so that you won’t be negatively impacting the equipment.

  • Speed

By default, an under the desk treadmill should not have more speed than 4 miles per hour because it’s not safe to run without handles. Also, you won’t be able to focus on your work if you are running fast. You should keep the speed between 1.5 to 3 miles per hour; it’s enough to have long time benefits for your health.

  • Space

Compared to regular treadmills, an under the desk treadmill takes less space. Look at our picks to decide which under the desk treadmill is better for your room. Also, check if the design blends in your room and not look out of place.

  • Safety

You don’t really have to worry about safety as long as you keep your speed low. Still, some under the desk treadmills are safer and more durable.

  • Coverage

It’s important to choose a model that covers malfunctions for a longer time period. Check for warranties, so you don’t have any headaches in the future.

Before we get to our list of best under the treadmills, let’s have a look at the desks you can use if you don’t have a setting for your under the desk treadmill.

Under the Desk Treadmill Settings

Don’t forget to get adjustable desks that complement your height!

1) FEZIBO Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk

Our first pick is a bit technological than a normal adjustable desk. You can set the height of the desk with 4 preset options, and the electric lift system can lift from 28 to 46 inches in height. Also, the desk supports up to 176 lbs.

There are 4 different design options you can choose from, and they all look awesome. It also has a drawer for you to put away your stuff.

Check it Out

2) SHW Electric Height Adjustable Computer Desk

This option is simple and cheaper than the rest of the selections in this list. Just like the prior adjustable desk, it has 4 memory preset options and a fully motorized lift from 28 to 46 inches in height.

It’s made with high-grade industrial steel, and there are 3 design options you can choose from.

Check it Out

3) Seville Classics AIRLIFT Pro S3

If you can afford to pay more for a high-end adjustable desk, Seville Classics AIRLIFT Pro S3 is one of the best you can get for an under the desk treadmill. There are several reasons for that; you can elevate the desk up to 51.4 inches high and 25.6 inches low quietly because both motors are of higher quality than the rest of the list. In fact, you can control the height through the blue LED display that has 4 memory settings.

Also, the desk is tested compliant to the ANSI/BIFMA x5. It has 5 safety standards, ETL and CARB Phase 2 safety that guarantees safety, durability, and performance for a long time. So, what about the coverage? It features a 7-year coverage against non-electronic defects and 2-year coverage against electronic defects.

There 12 different elegant design options, which means you’ll find a suitable one for your workplace, no doubt.

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Best Under the Desk Treadmill

We compiled several under the desk treadmills with the best features you can find on a treadmill. Keep in mind that all of the equipment below have one goal, to make you healthy and more fit while you work.

The prices of these under the desk treadmills might seem a lot for some people but imagine this as you are investing in yourself. In the long run, you won’t regret integrating the under the desk treadmill into your life.

1) LifeSpan TR1200-DT3 Under Desk Treadmill

Even though all under the desk treadmills have the same purpose, LifeSpan TR1200-DT3 leaves the competition behind. There are several reasons for that.

First, the 2.5 HP motor makes this treadmill long-lasting and strong. As you’ve learned, an under the desk treadmill should have strong motor power because walking on a treadmill is more taxing on the motor.

Second, the walking surface is long and wide enough for you to walk like you are walking outside. Also, the surface is non-slip, and it stops working when you step off it, which means you don’t have to turn it off every time you have to go and do something else.

Third, you know how loud can treadmills can get, especially in the gym. Thankfully, this under the desk treadmill works quite silently because it has 6 impact-absorbing shocks. In fact, this means you can use this treadmill in your office without disturbing anyone.

Finally, you may be overweight due to sitting and being inactive, no worries, this treadmill supports up to 350 lbs. Also, the console will track data about how many calories your burned, distance, speed, steps, etc. You can use this data to better adjust yourself on your weight loss and health improvement journey. The console has a Bluetooth feature, which means it can sync with your devices to upload your data.

Features in short:

Maximum Speed: 4 miles per hour.

Maximum User Weight: 350 lbs.

Compact design.

Console, 12.5” W x 3” D x 2” H.

20” by 50” walking belt.

Lightweight, therefore, easy to store.

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2) iMovR ThermoTread GT

IMovR ThermoTread GT is built with a high-tech LCD touch screen that if you are a bit of a data freak, you’ll love the data it collects.

The LCD touchscreen desktop interface can track; steps, speed, distance, calories burned, time, etc. whether you stand, walk, or even sit! The data it collects is super important for you, see if you get any better each week and check the time spent on it. Also, it can track multiple users’ data which means it can be used by more than one.

The 3HP 4000 RPM DC makes this a high torque motor that’s just right for the purpose of walking.

It’s quiet because the 2.5mm thick rubber belt absorbs noise, in fact, it works at 42.7 dB which is quite low. Also, 6 compression shocks under it give a comfortable walking experience that reduces the impact your joints and knees absorb.

Even though it’s a slim under the desk treadmill, it can support individuals who are up to 400 lbs. Besides that, the console is not built-in, so you can put it away wherever you please.

Adding to all of that, you can integrate this equipment into fitness tracking devices such as FitBit, corporate wellness platforms, and similar applications.

Last but not least, for the frame, there is a lifetime coverage and 10-year coverage for its motor and electronics!

Features in short:

Maximum Speed: 2.5 miles per hour.

Maximum User Weight: 400lbs.

LCD touchscreen has Bluetooth.

The deck is 1” thick, and the deck surface is under 5”.

Warranty: Lifetime warranty on frame and 10-year on motor and electronics.

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3) Rebel Treadmill

One of the most durable under the desk treadmill you can get is the Rebel. If you are working 8 hours a day for 5 days, you can trust this treadmill to take care of your physical well-being.

It’s so quiet that not only it won’t disturb people around you if you are on a conference call people won’t even hear it.

The long working hours and a quiet sound indicate a high-quality and strong motor.

The maximum speed this under the desk treadmill offer is 2mph, which might seem not enough. In contrary, you won’t need to walk faster than that.

Lastly, it comes already assembled, which means you can start to use it right away.

Features in short:

Maximum Speed: 2 miles per hour.

Maximum User Weight: 250 lbs.

The deck is 63 inches long.

It weighs 88 lbs and 10-inches long.

50″ long x 18″ wide walking belt.

Design is compact and small.

The warranty covers 2 years for parts and labor, also 20 years for the frame.

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4) Goplus Under Desk Treadmill

Goplus offers an economical and space-efficient under the desk treadmill experience. Whenever you are done using it, you can put this small treadmill away.

One of its features is; it has a wireless remote control which you can use up to a 15-meter distance. Also, the LCD display is a touchscreen.

It has a base that has a shockproof design which reduces the sound, and it has 8 rubber columns.

Similar to other treadmills, it can track; calories burned, distance, steps, and time. Also, it has 12 pre-programmed workout settings.

We have to say that; this treadmill is for smaller people. However, the walking platform is quite wide and comfy.

Features in short:

Maximum Speed: 4 miles per hour.

Maximum User Weight: 220 pounds.

The deck is 41 inches long.

It only weighs 55.5 lbs.

The surface area is 51.5” by 23.5”.

6” long.

17” by 41” walking belt.

Motor power is 1HP.

It’s small and compact.

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5) LifeSpan TR5000 DT3

We already put a LifeSpan under the desk treadmill in the list, so, why are we putting a second one? The most important reason for that is; this has a more powerful 3HP motor. Besides the obvious stronger motor, it has aluminum side rails, a long warranty, and no lubrication needed feature. So, after the habasit belt’s lubrication wax wears off a year or two, and it won’t need any lubrication anymore.

It works quietly and absorbs impact with its 6 compression shocks. Your knees, ankles, and joints will thank you. Also, it has the Intelli-Guard technology, which means your treadmill stops working when you are not walking on it.

The console doesn’t take much space, and the red LED display shows; speed, distance traveled, steps, time, and calories burned. Also, the Bluetooth allows your LifeSpan Active Track fitness app to sync with your treadmill. By that, your app can accurately track your progress and workout activity.

However, it has a heavy-duty treadmill base. Compared to other treadmills on the list, this is quite sturdy and heavy.

Features in short:

Maximum Speed: 4 miles per hour.

Maximum User Weight: 400 pounds.

It weighs 119 lbs.

Dimensions are 63″ L x 28.5″ W x 7.25″ H.

4.6” long.

18” by 45” walking belt.

Motor power is 3HP.

The warranty covers a 3-years motor warranty, 2-years parts, and 1-year labor. Adding to all of that, it has a lifetime frame coverage.

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6) Sunny Health Walkstation

Sunny Health offers one of the best under the desk treadmill you can get because it’s affordable and durable. Adding to that by using the remote control, you can change the speed, the settings and change up your workout efficiently. Also, the LCD monitor shows; exercise time, speed, steps, calories burned, and distance.

Besides tracking, it also presents 36 preset workouts you can choose.

Similar to the other treadmills, it stops when you are not walking on it. Speaking of walking, the maximum speed you can reach with this treadmill is 3.75mph which is enough for walking.

It’s quite compact and portable; you can put this treadmill away easily without worrying about how much space it takes. Also, it doesn’t spend much energy because if it stays idle for 10 minutes, it will automatically enter the Power Saving Mode.

Features in short:

Maximum Speed: 3.75 miles per hour.

Maximum User Weight: 220 pounds.

It weighs 54 lbs.

Dimensions are 50 x 21.5 x 6.5 inches

14” by 39” walking belt.

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7) The Rhythm Fun

Our last under the desk treadmill has a moderate price tag that won’t hurt your wallet, and it offers two in one usage! You can use this as an under the desk treadmill but also put the handles up to run like you would on a regular treadmill. When you put the handrails up you can run up to the max speed of 7.5 miles per hour.

By getting this treadmill, you’ll get a quiet and smooth walking experience because the board has absorbed shocks and noise-reduction tech.

If you want to use a treadmill not only for walking but also for running, this is the selection you should make.

Features in short:

Maximum Speed: 3.7 miles per hour but if you put up the handrails, the speed is 7.5 miles per hour.

Maximum User Weight: 220 pounds.

It weighs 97 lbs.

Dimensions are 61 x 30 x 43 inches

18” by 50” walking belt.

Motor power is 2HP.

The warranty covers the 2-years motor warranty and 1-years parts. Adding to all of that, it has 10 years frame coverage.

Check it Out

Wrapping Up

Nowadays, it’s hard to stay active because the modern world expects you to be idle. They only need you sitting and not move away from your desk.

Just because you can work with your brain doesn’t mean you should neglect physical activities, in the contrary, staying active helps your brain to function better. Thanks to being active during the day, even though you stay in front of your desk, you’ll be more productive and efficient.

If you don’t stay active, the consequences can be detrimental, and you’ll be more inclined to health problems like; high blood pressure and cholesterol levels, also heart attacks, obesity and more diseases. Eliminate these bad scenarios by keeping yourself active.

Stay being physically active by walking, running and exercising to be healthy. Exercising doesn’t have to be only in your spare time, by getting yourself an under the desk treadmill, you can stay active during the day even while you are working.

Thank you for reading, before you go, let us know in the comments; do you believe an under the desk treadmill can improve your life quality?

Cool, stay healthy folks!

Also, if you want to help us, please share this image!

Best Under the Desk Treadmill

If you have any feedback, you can reach us out on our e-mail info@shapeutopia.com

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