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15 Superior Quality Trail Running Shoes for Women

How we’ve missed the fresh air and nature, right? Running to whichever path we want to take with no problem because we got superior quality trail running shoes! Do you already have a pair that we’ll be listing in here? Check quickly because, if you don’t, you’re going to need one for sure. We’ve done thorough research and found the 15 Superior Quality Trail Running Shoes for Women.

Besides listing those shoes, we’re going to answer some of the most asked questions on Trail Running Shoes like “are trail running shoes good for hiking?” and “trail running shoes versus road running shoes, which one?”.

If you love the outdoors and sports, having quality trail running shoes will improve your experience. You must’ve missed being out in nature, seeing the most amazing places, and feel empowered by each and every step you take. Not like you against nature, no, more like you and nature coming together feeling like one. Imagine this, you’re out in nature once again, smell the trees and feel the path under your feet. How would you feel if you’ve had crappy trail running shoes? You wouldn’t be able to be present and feel how awesome it is to be out and running again! No, in fact, each step you take, you would be extra cautious, so you don’t step on a small rock that would hurt your foot like hell. These quality trail running shoes for women would never let that happen to you.

The Cost of Trail Running Shoes

How much are you willing to spend for superior quality trail running shoes? Don’t be disheartened by thinking you have to spend a lot.

Trail running shoes for women can be quite affordable when you think of them as an investment. After all, quality trail running shoes are durable and designed to be used for hundreds of miles. And some of the trail running shoes we have on our list are quite high quality for the novice and intermediate level trail runners. You may not need them if you still didn’t make up your mind on whether you’ll trail run for years or not.

Are Trail Running Shoes Good for Hiking?

The short answer, it depends on the terrain and the weather. Let’s customize this question to your needs.

First of all, are you just beginning to hike? If you are, you may need hiking shoes because, especially when you are climbing uphill, the thick soles on hiking boots will help you to climb easier. If not, superior quality trail running shoes will do the trick.

Second, let’s broaden why does it depend on the terrain. If you’re trying to take a path with awful terrain with shoes that don’t have a stable sole and can’t take on wear and tear, you are going to have a hard time. All the rocks and roots will be on your way, but if it’s a beautiful forest trail that doesn’t have that difficult terrain, quality trail running shoes will be enough for you.

Third, would you have a problem with carrying a heavy backpack? Because, if you don’t have strength and stability on your legs, you may need strong hiking boots. But if you are the polar opposite and won’t carry significant weight like that, trail running shoes are the way to go.

Fourth, if you want to run easily, you wouldn’t want big clunky hiking boots. They’ll be so heavy and get heavier after a while you started to run.

Trail Running Shoes versus Road Running Shoes, Which One?

Trail running shoes are wide and closer to the ground so, running on uneven terrain becomes easier. They support your ankle so it doesn’t get twisted and the bottom of your feet won’t be affected by bumps and rocks on the trail. The majority of the trail running shoes have a toe bumper guard on which is pretty nice when you remember how much it hurts when you stub your toe.

Those are the basic elements of a trail running shoe; road running shoes don’t have benefits like that. Although, if you want to be a bit faster and will be running on friendly terrain, regular running shoes could be enough.

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15 Superior Quality Trail Running Shoes for Women

We believe we’ve cleared the air about trail running shoes. Now, let’s get to our list of the 15 Superior Quality Trail Running Shoes for Women.

1) SCARPA Spin Ultra – Best Overall

In our judgment, SCARPA Spin Ultra is the best overall trail running shoes for women. It is protective and quite lightweight compared to other trail running shoes on the list. This shoe offers amazing stability, has a nice wider fit, and broad cushioning underfoot which protects your feet from hard terrain.

This shoe is built for mountain trails; it performs great on roads, dirt trails, rocky and steep slopes. There is a downside though, super slippery mud and snow could give you a hard time while you are running. Still, most of the trails will be easily conquerable for you.

Budget-wise, it could come off as a bit expensive. But keep in mind, this shoe has good durability, great for long distances, and also training runs. You can wear SCARPA Spin Ultra everywhere because it is overall the best when it comes to protection, stability, and performance.

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2) Altra Lone Peak 4.5 – Best Overall Runner-Up

Do you want to have wiggle free zone for your toes? Altra Lone Peak 4.5 has a spacious toe box just for that. Besides that, there is additional cushioning underfoot which will protect your feet from any hard terrain. It is known in the ultrarunning and backpacking communities as a super comfortable shoe that no matter how long you run.

You can use Altra Lone Peak 4.5 for hiking; also, it is not a shoe that’s solely for trail runners. Altra Lone Peaks are superior quality trail running shoes for women.

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3) Merrell Mix Master Glide – Best Affordable Running Shoes

If you are looking for affordable and comfortable trail running shoes for women, Merrell Mix Master Glide should be your choice. They are quite light to wear and easily take the shape of your foot. Also, the cushion is just right, and it won’t feel bulky. We can’t forget to mention that you won’t feel the rocks and debris under your foot because the sole of this shoe is super flexible.

Merrell Mix Master Glide is breathable, which only adds up to the comfort. Nevertheless, this shoe is sadly not waterproof… If you want to have a shoe that’s great for rainy weather and wet terrain, you have to look at the other options in our list.

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4) Inov-8 TerraUltra G260 – Best Protection

Inov-8 TerraUltra g-260 offers the best protection you can ever get in a trail running shoe. It’s built lightweight in a way that lets you feel the trail but, it doesn’t let you get hurt by any bumps and rocks. You can use this shoe for the easiest and most challenging trails. Along with that, we can’t overlook that the outsole and the upper part of the shoes are made out of Kevlar fiber.

Do you think protection is the most important factor of quality trail running shoes for women? Let us know in the comments.

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5) Saucony Peregrine 10 – Most Versatile

Saucony Peregrine 10 is the most versatile shoe because, no matter your feet shape and size, it’s going to feel good. As well as that, this shoe is great for hiking, running, and snowy trails. It can handle mud and, easily grips awful terrain, but it doesn’t have a water drainage system.

If want trail running shoes for women that don’t let you down when you are running, this is the best recommendation we can give.

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6) Topo Athletic Ultraventure – Best Wide Toebox

If you hate squished toes as much as we do, Topo Athletic should be your choice. The best wide toebox shoe in our list has plenty of foot space and also feels snug enough for best stability. And, its sole is great for hard terrain, you’ll be easily gripping to all kinds of surfaces.

One of the downsides is, it doesn’t have a rock plate which means you might have to choose a different shoe in our list if you want to run on exceptionally rocky trails. Again, the underfoot cushioning is enough for most terrain surfaces; it will keep you stable and protect you while you are running. Believe us; you can even run Ultramarathons with Topo Athletic Ultraventure.

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7) Salomon Supercross – Best for Hard Terrain

The next trail running shoes for women on our list are Salomon Supercrosses. If you are going to run on unforgiving trails with loose rock and mud, this shoe can take care of that. Stability is the most important factor when it comes to slippery surfaces; the outsole of this shoe has 5-mm lugs that can grip the hardest terrains.

It should be noted that you can use this trail running shoe for snowy winters and hot summers. Just because it can handle hard terrain, doesn’t mean it won’t be comfortable to wear, in fact, it’s quite comfy. We have to mention that the fit is big, so you might have to size down half a size.

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8) ASICS Gel Venture 7 – Great Stability and Affordable

The previous entry in our list was the best for stability, but when it comes to being affordable, these two factors weren’t on the same page. Enter ASICS Gel-Venture 7; this shoe offers both factors. Let’s talk about its protection too; underfoot protection is pretty good, but the arch and heel don’t have much flexibility in this shoe. The front part of the shoe is protected with a layer of EVA high-density foam.

The outsole of this shoe is a bit lighter compared to other trail running shoes on the list. That doesn’t mean it’s bad to wear for sloppy terrain; still, it’s better for drier trails like sand and dirt.

If you are a beginner who wants to begin trail running, this is the best budget shoe you can get with great stability.

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9) Merrell Trail Glove 5 – Best Barefoot Feel

Do you like feeling the ground when you are running barefoot? Trail Glove 5 has a thin sole that will let you feel the ground under your feet. Yes, they are quite lightweight, and they will make you feel one with nature.

We recommend that you don’t use this shoe on rocky and hard terrain, but for normal terrain, you’ll get plenty of protection and be able to feel the ground.

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10) HOKA ONE ONE Challenger ATR 5 – Best Cushioned Trail Running Shoe

We want the best comfort and cushioning for our feet when we put on our shoes. Challenger ATR 5 is the best comfortable trail running shoe you can find on our list.

The sole has an oversized foam which offers a lot of protection and, the toe cap defends against rocks and all kinds of the hard stuff. Also, the responsive EVA foam will make the technical terrain feel smooth. While we got more stable trail shoes on our list, Challenger ATR 5 is a good choice because it has a broader base and 4mm heel-to-toe drop.

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11) La Sportiva Akyra – Super Durable and Stable

Speaking of stability, La Sportiva Akyra could be the best in the bunch. It’s not quite light, but rigid-built will protect your feet on long distances, like while running a marathon. The cushioning underfoot feel comfortable; also besides that, it has 8mm cushioning in the heel area. Adding to that, this shoe is a wide fit, that’ll make your feet breathe. Despite all that cushion, this shoe doesn’t take away the nice feeling of terrain.

No matter which trail you choose and how long you run, this shoe won’t break down easily, it’s super durable. Are you ready to invest in durable trail running shoes for women?

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12) Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36 – Quality Shoes and Cool Design

This shoe was first introduced in 1983 for runners and only got better as the years passed. Through the years, Pegasus 36 has undergone lots of changes in technology without giving up any comfort or support it gives. Without a doubt, the flexible construction and the cloud-like cushioning are hard to give up when you get used to them. You’d feel super comfortable all day because it’s breathable built that encourages natural air movement.

Besides all of that, there are features like shock absorption to dynamic smoothness, which will overall improve your experience. Also, it looks trendy and cool. If you are looking for trail running shoes for women that look great, go with Pegasus 36. Keep in mind that hard terrain will tear and wear this shoe more than the others on the list.

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13) Altra King MT 2 – Best for Muddy Terrain

Altra King MT 2 shouldn’t be your choice for everyday running but; if you’re into running on the most difficult trails with mud, slop and steep, this is the way to go. In particular, the 6mm Vibram lugs grip the ground with ease. Also, the Velcro strap keeps your shoe stable even if it’s wet.

You won’t find a better shoe in this list for muddy and snowy terrain; the sloppiest surfaces got no chance against Altra King MT 2. In fact, you can join Spartan races and do ultramarathons with this shoe.

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14) New Balance 410 V6 – Best Comfort Trail Shoes

With its cushioned interior, New Balance developed this shoe for you to have comfortable runs. You can hike, run trails and do all kinds of outdoor activities with comfort because it is equipped with NB Memory sole. And, Ground Contact IMEVA cushioning gives extra comfort without adding any weight to this lightweight shoe. When it comes to fitting, it’s great because it has a wide toe box that’ll make your toes breathe.

The upper design is quite durable to wear and tear without sacrificing stability. Also, this modern shoe was inspired by classic 1970’s joggers that wouldn’t look out of place nowadays.

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15) Salomon Speedcross 4 – Best Well-Built

This is the last but not the least shoe on our list. Salomon Speedcross 4 is such a well-built shoe that we can say, we’ve left the best to the end. When it comes to protection; it has weld-on, bumpers, and protective fabric on the front part, which’s pretty good.

It is the fourth generation of Salomon’s Speedcross lug pattern which makes the grip on this shoe impeccable. Technical trails won’t be a bother to you anymore. Also, this shoe is quite comfortable because it’s lightweight and breathable.

You can run on all hard trail surfaces; besides, it does feel a bit weird on the sidewalk and similar soft surfaces.

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We’ve compiled the best trail running shoes for women in our list, thinking about factors like; protection, durability, comfortability, etc. Have you found your trail running shoe or you’ll keep looking? If you can find any shoe that’s better compared to what we have on our list, we’d like to hear from you! Thank you for reading this list and also for your feedback.

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If you have any feedback, you can reach us out on our e-mail info@shapeutopia.com

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