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Can You Use Theragun For Tennis Elbow and How to Use It?

Tennis elbow is a common type of joint pain that affects multiple joints in the forearm. The main symptom is pain near the elbow joint, but it can also affect the wrist, wrist joint, and thumb joints. This condition often occurs due to overuse and tendonitis. There are many treatments for tennis elbow including rest, icing, and compression wraps. With this article, we will learn if you can use Theragun for tennis elbow and how to use it.

What is a Tennis Elbow?

What is a Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow is a common term for lateral epicondylitis (LE). LE is an inflammatory condition where the outer part of the elbow joint (lateral epicondylitis) becomes stiff, painful, and swollen. The term “tennis elbow” was coined because tennis players often get LE.

The condition can be caused by twisting or bending your wrist back too forcefully, lifting heavy objects with your arm outstretched, or turning your palm up while your forearm remains on the table surface. It can also be caused by repeated hand trauma involving activities such as hammering nails, knitting, or carpentry work.

A lot of people have a tennis elbow. They may get it from a fall, or they may literally get it from playing tennis for an extended period of time. The condition is caused by overuse and stress on the forearm muscles. The symptoms are severe pain, swelling, and stiffness in the area around the elbow joint. Some people will also experience numbness in their hands.

To treat a tennis elbow you should stop using your affected arm to reduce pressure, ice, or take ibuprofen to alleviate inflammation and pain relief exercises that will help heal your stiff joints faster.

If you want to treat your tennis elbow in another way, keep reading!

What is Theragun and Is It Really Good?

What is Theragun and Is It Really Good

A motorcycle accident in 2009 led the founder of Therabody to develop the concept for the Theragun. There was no adequate treatment for his debilitating pain on the market, so he searched for another option. Due to this, he created the first Theragun.

In order to treat muscle soreness, the Theragun uses a technique known as percussive therapy. Muscle recovery time and pain after a workout are said to be reduced by percussion therapy.

Percussive therapy is often thought to be able to totally remove soreness once it has already begun. There is no type of therapy available for that.

Massage reduces the length of time the pain lasts. As with massage therapy or foam rolling, percussion therapy does pretty much the same thing: Increase blood flow, elevate skin temperature, decrease inflammation, release muscle tension, and break down muscle knots.

With Theragun, you can perform percussive therapy on the go. It helps to reduce pain and improve range of motion by delivering a concentrated force to a muscle. In contrast to traditional foam rollers and hand rollers, the company states that this product provides deeper muscle therapy. 

Studies have found that percussive therapy can improve range of motion without damaging muscle power. In order to increase flexibility without compromising performance, researchers recommend percussion therapy before physical activity. (1)

Can You Use Theragun For Tennis Elbow?

Can You Use Theragun For Tennis Elbow

Don’t be afraid to stretch the soft tissue to get rid of any restrictions. You should do more than just above and below the elbow; if you can get back there, consider exploring the pec, scapula, and lats regions. You might find that some areas are tender. Make sure to also work the extensor belly despite it being tenderer.

The chances of you doing further damage to the tendon are extremely low if you put the Theragun directly on it, but your body will always guide you. Common sense suggests that if direct use is worsening pain, then you should avoid it.

You might also find Theragun more tolerable if you do not flex your muscles too much; for example, do not hold your arm up so your muscles are not tensed at all, instead of that rest your arm on a table.

Best Theragun For Tennis Elbow

Theragun Mini Portable Massager

Theragun Mini Portable Massager Black O/s

Powerful yet ultra-quiet brushless QX35 motor with QuietForce Technology makes it ideal for use wherever you go. Also, with up to 150 minutes of sustained run time, mini is available right when you need it.

Each pace is scientifically derived to send out a greater amount of therapeutic energy in the body. – 1750, 2100, and 2400 percussions per minute. In addition to that, easy to hold and ergonomic grip reduces wrist and hand strain.

Check it Out


Even if you exercise regularly, you can injure yourself because freak accidents happen. Also, tennis elbow is a common health problem and you can try different treatments to heal your elbow.

With this article, we explained how you can use theragun for tennis elbow and talked about everything you need to know about it.

In summary, don’t hurt yourself any further by applying too much stress on your body, healing takes time.

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