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9 Reasons Why Taking Calcium Supplements Is Important

Calcium supplements are an important part of your total daily intake. They can help maintain normal development and reduce the risk of broken bones. Taking calcium supplements is extremely important for several reasons…

Why Taking Calcium Supplements Is Important?

Why Taking Calcium Supplements Is Important

1) Calcium helps form strong bones that are free from fractures

Adequate calcium helps prevent osteoporosis and broken bones due to osteoporosis. Calcium is a major building block of bones. More than 99% of the calcium in the body is found in bones which serve as storage for about 30% of the body’s total calcium.

Bones are constantly breaking down and rebuilding to meet the body’s needs for calcium. That’s why your body needs a regular supply from your diet to keep your bones strong and reduce the risk for fractures, particularly after menopause when bone loss increases significantly.

Adequate dietary calcium throughout life helps build peak (maximum) bone mass in children, adolescence, and young adulthood before bone mass declines with age.

2) It is essential for normal growth and development

When children grow and develop, bones increase in size and strength. The structure of bones also changes during growth. This is because bones enlarge to accommodate the growth of muscles, tendons, and nerves. Bones that are not properly formed will not be able to support the increasing body weight.

Adequate amounts of calcium are essential for normal growth and development. It is also an important component of normal protein synthesis, which occurs within cells in your body and is a key ingredient in cell division.

3) It maintains blood pressure

In addition to maintaining bone health, adequate intake of calcium also helps maintain blood pressure within healthy limits by reducing the risk for hypertension (high blood pressure).

Calcium is a major mineral in the body. It’s essential for healthy kidneys, heart muscle, and normal nerve function. When your body doesn’t get enough calcium, it may start to break down its tissues and bones to draw on its reserves, which can eventually result in weakness and osteoporosis. Your risk for developing hypertension increases as you age, taking calcium supplements is essential for the elderly.

4) It promotes normal blood clotting

The blood clotting process requires the presence of calcium ions or ions with similar properties (for example magnesium ions). Blood clots must have enough calcium present to continue forming pliable blood clots after they have been formed.

5) Calcium supplements may help prevent pre-term birth in pregnant women at high risk

Women with low bone density who have been found to have a high risk for pre-term birth can benefit from calcium supplementation. A study found that the use of calcium supplements during pregnancy can be an effective method of reducing the risk for pre-term birth in women who are at high risk.

6) The body absorbs calcium better when taken with food than it does with just plain water

The body absorbs calcium more efficiently when food is consumed with calcium.

When you take calcium supplements on an empty stomach, your body does not absorb them as readily and this can lead to gastrointestinal distress.

7) It helps to prevent kidney stones

Calcium is important for preventing kidney stones, especially if you have a family history of kidney stones or have been diagnosed with an inherited disorder that predisposes to kidney stones (for example, hyperparathyroidism). Kidney stones form when minerals in urine collect and crystallize in the kidneys (kidneys).

Taking calcium supplements can help you prevent kidney stones from forming.

8) It helps prevent muscle cramps

Muscles cramp is a condition that causes your body to spasm involuntarily. Calcium helps relax the muscles and reduces pain and swelling due to cramping.

9) It may help raise low levels of thyroid hormone

Calcium can help raise low levels of thyroid hormone (which is produced by the thyroid gland) in people who have a condition called hypothyroidism, which is a serious disorder affecting multiple organ systems in your body including the brain, heart, and digestive tract. Treatment for this disease must be adjusted according to the individual’s needs, so regular monitoring and testing are essential components of treatment.

Best Calcium Supplements

Best Calcium Supplements

Nested Naturals Vegan D3+K2

For nutritional support, 125 mcg (5000 IU) of D3 and 100 mcg of K2 are combined with 250 mg of Nettle Leaf extract.

Vitamin D3 and Vitamin K2 work synergistically. The positive effects of bone health and cardiovascular function can be amplified when they are combined. A single vegan capsule provides 125mcg of D3 along with 100 mcg of K2. Nellie leaf extract, 250 mg, provides additional nourishment and adrenal support.

We made the conscious decision to use only vegetable-derived ingredients in the Vitamin D3 K2 supplement. It contains lichen-derived D3 instead of fish oil. Likewise, their K2 comes from chickpeas. Instead of using animal products, they produce capsules from vegetables.

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Vitamin World Calcium Magnesium Zinc

Calcium Magnesium Zinc

In one formula, you’ll get three essential minerals! We always consider Calcium to be essential for bone care and bone-related conditions, but Calcium doesn’t work on its own; it needs support as well. This calcium, magnesium, and zinc supplement is designed to help maintain bone density and strength. By taking it this way, you’re getting better absorption and a better daily value for minerals.

You’ll get 1000mg of High-Quality Calcium, 400mg Magnesium, 25mg of Zinc with this vegan product!

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Calcium is essential for bone health and for the maintenance of normal muscle contraction. Its benefits are numerous and can vary from person to person. The best form of calcium supplements depends on an individual’s needs and what their goals are in taking them.

Individuals who take calcium supplements must be aware of the possible side effects that may result from their use so that they are able to be as informed as possible about their bodies’ needs. Calcium supplements are not just calcium. They are often supplemented with other nutrients, vitamins, or herbs that may help the body and the individual in which they are taking them to achieve their goals.

Be extra careful and always speak with your doctor before you make any decisions related to your health.

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Taking Calcium Supplements Is Important

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