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7 Essential Reasons of Sudden Weight Gain On Keto – Here is What You Do Wrong!

When you start keto, your body adapts to your new diet by entering a state of ketosis. This means that you’ll need to worry less about eating an enormous amount of calories and focus on the quality of what you eat. But, when it comes to losing weight, the ketogenic diet doesn’t work for everyone, and some experience sudden weight gain on keto.

Some people gain weight instead and many more experience problems with other areas of their health while they’re doing a low-carb or high-fat diet.

Let’s find out what you might be doing wrong exactly:

What is Keto?

what is keto

Keto is a low-carb, high-fat diet that forces your body to burn fat for energy in an effort to help lose weight. Since it’s high in fat, keto is also known as the ketogenic diet or the keto diet.

The traditional ketogenic diet consists of 70% fat, 20% protein, and 10% carbohydrates. (1)

The goal of a keto diet is to get your body into a state of “ketosis”, where the body burns calories rather than carbohydrates and fats for energy. When you’re in ketosis, your body’s primary source of energy is ketones, which are produced by your fat cells.

Use the guidelines in this article and you will be on your way to achieving healthy weight loss and a healthy body. Remember that you should stick to whole foods, avoid processed foods, eat a variety of textures and flavors in each meal, eat plenty of vegetables and avoid snacking between meals.

Sudden Weight Gain On Keto

Sudden Weight Gain On Keto

There are several reasons why you experience sudden weight gain on keto:

1) Cheating

When you consume too many carbohydrates in one day because of cheating, your body can lose its ketosis state, the metabolic state in which you burn fat instead of glycogen for energy. A keto diet requires maintaining ketosis, and it is not easy to achieve – so one day off can threaten any weight loss you might have achieved.

2) You’ve simply hit a weight loss plateau and are no longer losing weight

The core issue with the ketogenic diet is that it causes people to eat very little during the day. This usually means a lot of hunger and stomach cramps at night.

The solution to this issue is for people to eat more at each meal, but eating too much causes weight gain. When you’re new to the keto diet, you may not be able to declare yourself full right away. In order to get used to eating smaller amounts of food, we recommend limiting yourself initially. Start by breaking your usual portions.

If that doesn’t work, try using a little less or putting down your spoon and taking a break for 20 minutes before starting again.

3) Not drinking enough water

It is important to always stay hydrated because nutrient absorption occurs best when your body is hydrated. Besides, drinking water has zero calories which means that you will be cutting out empty calories while helping increase weight loss. Water can also aid in digestion and elimination as well as keep your skin hydrated.

4) Protein intake is too low

Ensure that you get plenty of protein in your diet -focus on an adequate amount of fat and stay away from carbs when possible, as this will help with achieving ketosis easier than focusing just on calories.

Check this article below to find high protein foods:

21 Super Low Fat High Protein Foods for Weight Loss

5) Your healthy fats to carbs ratio is too high, which means you are eating less fat than you should be on the ketogenic diet

Another cause of sudden weight gain on keto is the fact that people aren’t measuring their food. Many reports that they have no idea how much fat they’re eating and many more start eating a lot when they start to gain weight.

The best way to avoid both of these issues is by tracking every meal you eat for at least a couple of weeks.

Just grab your phone and take a picture of what you eat, and then enter it into an app like MyFitnessPal. This will help you figure out what you should be eating in order to reach your goals.

6) Not sleeping enough or getting quality sleep

Sudden weight gain on keto could be explained by the lack of sleep.

A lack of sleep and stress both influence appetite control. Stress and exhaustion cause your body to seek fuel. You are more likely to become obese if you do not get enough sleep each night (under 6 hours). (2)

Every night, you should sleep 7-9 hours. In fact, most people have a much easier time sleeping once they enter ketosis.

If you can’t sleep at night, check these articles below:

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7) You don’t exercise enough

You can obtain health and wellness benefits from regular physical activity, including weight loss.

To lose weight and prevent sudden weight gain on keto, you need to also exercise.

Burning calories is just one part of exercising. It can also alter your physiology and improve your mood as well as your ability to regulate your appetite.

Benefits of Keto

Here are the Benefits of Keto in detail:

  • Weight loss
  • Better focus, mental clarity, and mental acuity
  • Improved physical performance
  • Normalizes blood sugar; decreases the risk of diabetes, type 2 diabetes, and metabolic syndrome.
  • Cardiovascular disease risk factors, including blood pressure, inflammatory markers, and LDL cholesterol levels
  • Reduction in acne and number of outbreaks
  • Improvements in PMS symptoms such as pain and cramping
  • Improvements in cognitive deterioration caused by Alzheimer’s Disease or Dementia

Side Effects of Keto

Here is a list of the side effects of a keto diet and what’s happening in your body.

  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Dry mouth
  • Dizziness
  • Weakness and fatigue in the morning
  • You might experience an increase in emotions such as craving sugar, carbohydrate cravings, or reduced energy levels.
  • Some people experience mild digestive discomfort like constipation and diarrhea if they don’t drink enough water.


Now, you must know why you experience sudden weight gain on keto. Make sure to follow the steps we’ve provided and keep in mind the important points that we’ve made in the article.

Tell us your experience in the comments and we’ll be sure to answer you right away!

If you think keto is not for you, here is an alternative to the keto diet:

Top 7 Benefits of Carb Cycling – Lose Weight Effectively

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7 Essential Reasons of Sudden Weight Gain On Keto

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