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Strong Resistance Bands That Don’t Break Like Others

Strong resistance bands are a must to add to your home gym because they are quite handy, lightweight, and portable.

If you got only dumbbells in your home, they are not enough to properly train your body fully. What about resistance training? Well, imagine combining your strong resistance bands with dumbbells; you basically won’t need to go to the gym.

Specifically, during these times, you probably realized that you gained a couple of pounds. Getting rid of that stubborn fat can be super annoying because if you used to go to the gym; you probably couldn’t get used to home workouts and that’s why you can’t lose it.

Creating the right environment for your workouts is essential. If you are not in the right mindset before and during your exercise routine; you won’t be able to properly train and also lose your motivation because of it.

If you want to create the right environment for your workouts, check our article; The Essential Home Gym Guide 2021

If you want to start small; a resistance band can make a world of difference. In fact, an addition like that can seriously enhance your workout experience. However, we also need to think about longevity. So, are most resistance bands durable?

Can Resistance Bands Break?

Sadly, yes. Most regular resistance bands can easily break. They tend to break in due time because all that wear and tear make the resistance bands lose their elasticity.

Be aware of the old resistance bands you got at home, if you try to exercise with them; they might break and you can injure yourself because of it. Put your safety over everything, you might not expect injury if you’ve never got injured before. However, exercise-related injuries are real.

Especially, if you haven’t been able to properly exercise because of the lockdown; be extra careful. You lost muscle, gained fat, and got a bit rusty because of lack of movement. If you don’t believe us, check your step counter in your phone; how many steps do you take now each week, and how many you used to take before the lockdown?

So, as you can see, it’s not about only not being able to go to the gym. Also, you don’t have to get discouraged; we are all going through it. Let’s start somewhere and get back to our fitness journey. Start by getting a proper resistance band.

Thankfully not all resistance bands are made from the same material. Strong resistance bands are a must; if you want to exercise safely and effectively.

In our next section, we’ll display our findings of the most strong resistance bands ever. You’ll get your money’s worth.

Which Resistance Bands Are the Best?

LEEKEY Resistance Band Set

LEEKEY resistance bands are made from natural latex material. That’s why these resistance bands are extra durable. In fact, you won’t need to worry about tear or wear ever again!

This set has 4 different bands included. The red band is 15 lbs, the black band is 25 lbs, the purple band is 35 and the green is 50 lbs. All levels can help you train different body parts more effectively. Whether you want to exercise bigger muscles you have in your legs, back, and chest or smaller muscles in general; there are resistance levels appropriate for each body part. As you get stronger you can use one that creates more resistance and tension.

Also, you can use these strong resistance bands for various exercises such as powerlifting, functional training, yoga, and recovery exercises. If you are trying to heal a torn muscle or ligament, please see a medical advisor before you proceed.

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And last but not least, you can use these for assisting you with pull-ups. If you want to learn more about how can you improve your pull-ups, check the article below:

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Compared to the previous resistance bands; Walito resistance bands are made of high-quality elastic cotton. They are much better than regular rubber resistance bands because they are also non-slip and comfortable.

Walito resistance bands won’t bundle while you exercise and pull your skin compared to thin rubber resistance bands.

Always go with quality. If you get yourself a cheap rubber band; it may break and result in injury. Spending a bit more can prevent something like that from happening.

There are 3 resistance levels; light, medium, and heavy and they are all at the same length. Also, it doesn’t matter if you recently started or have been exercising for years; they’ll give you enough resistance for your workouts.

Combining resistance bands with weights can help your fitness goals a lot. If you want to build your glutes, simply bring your dumbbells and resistance bands to create enough tension.

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POWER GUIDANCE Heavy Duty Resistance Band

Power Guidance makes some of the most durable and built-to-last strong resistance bands. They are made of natural latex material.

There are resistance bands for each level of resistance in it. You can get one individually or get a set. The red band is 10 lbs, black 25, purple 35, green 50 and blue is 65 lbs!

You can improve your strength significantly if you add these to your routine. If you are doing bench press at home, they can help your lifts as accessories. More tension during the range of motion equals more gains.

Also, you can improve your mobility and flexibility. Simply use these bands during stretching or warming up before exercising.

Finally and most importantly, they claim that; if you are not 100% satisfied with the resistance bands, they accept returns. Just contact them.

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After reviewing these three of the best and strong resistance bands; have you made up your mind?

If you are on a budget and looking for exercise equipment similar to the resistance bands, check our article; Best Workout Equipment at Home You Can Get For Under $25 / Ultimate Guide

Before you go, let us know in the comments; have you used resistance bands before, and how was your experience?

Thank you for reading.

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Strong Resistance Bands That Don’t Break Like Others

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