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STOP NOW! Is Squatting in Running Shoes Dangerous?

Is squatting in running shoes actually dangerous or is it blown out of proportion?

There is a lot of people who squat or do compound exercises in heavyweights while wearing running shoes. Most people wear running shoes for lifting because they don’t have proper weight lifting shoes and the worse part is they think they don’t need them.

Here is the problem; running shoes are for absorbing the impact of the surface and weight lifting shoes are for stabilization to press the weight properly. Also, related to that running shoes have padded heels which is bad for doing compound exercises that require you to lift serious weights.

Finally, as you know running shoes have a bit of give, so, you can run all sides without hurting your ankles. On the opposite, you need stability while squatting. If you try to squat heavyweights as you wear running shoes; your ankles won’t be happy about that.

Stop Squatting in Running Shoes

So, is squatting in running shoes okay?

Absolutely not!

Sadly, some websites claim it’s okay to wear running shoes for squatting. It’s not and please don’t do it.

You may seriously injure yourself while squatting in running shoes. This doesn’t only apply to serious lifters, even if you lift lighter weights; you must wear weightlifting shoes. Novice lifters don’t really understand their bodies, therefore they are not balanced as they should be.

So, imagine a novice lifter trying to squat with running shoes; that’s a recipe for disaster. Please take weightlifting seriously and take precautions. Even professional weight lifters face injuries, so, you should be extra careful.

Also, don’t listen to toxic people who say exercise gloves, knee sleeves, etc. are not “manly”. We should change the perception that weight lifters are nothing but “meatheads”.

Let’s start by stop squatting in running shoes. Use your running shoes for running exclusively and leave the weight lifting part to shoes meant for weight lifting.

If you are looking for gym shoes for women, check the article below to take a look at our picks:

Awesome Gym Shoes for Women That Are Relentless

Best Weightlifting Shoes

We’ll be presenting three of the best weightlifting shoes under this section. There are beginner and professional weight lifting shoes, cheap and not so cheap options.

Some of them provide more stability than others, so, if your ankle is not very mobile you should get a bit more flexible weightlifting shoe. For example, Adidas Adipower is great for that.

Reebok Men’s Lifter Pr Cross-trainer Shoe

Reebok makes some of the best sports shoes in the world. Unfortunately, they are highly underrated compared to more famous shoe brands such as Nike and Adidas.

Reebok’s weight lifting shoes literally have “PR” in their name for personal records. You can do much more than only squats like clean and jerk while wearing this weight lifting shoe.

Stable and responsive midfoot wrap will help you during your weight lifting routine. Besides these cool features, also the anti-friction lining will keep your feet cool and dry by reducing moisture and heat.

It’s 100% synthetic with a rubber sole. Thanks to its breathable material your feet will feel better compared to other shoes.

This Reebok weight lifting shoe also has a feature called the Powerbax TPU plate and a dual rubber outsole for stability. Adding to all of that; hook and loop closures make sure that your feet stay locked in position. Also, due to its low-cut design, your ankle mobility will improve drastically.

Check it Out

Nordic Lifting Powerlifting Shoes for Heavy Weightlifting

If you want an advanced weight lifting shoe; you can’t go wrong by choosing Nordic.

First of all, Nordic Lifting shoes are made of premium quality materials with reinforced stitching for durability. If you lift seriously, investing in a quality high-end weight lifting shoe like this would be better compared to some running shoe that won’t endure the wear and tear of weightlifting.

Also, sturdy Velcro straps and a 3.5 cm raised heel are for Olympic-level foot stability and support. The rigid anti-slip sole will help you remain stable during weightlifting. Also, the 3.5 cm raised heels will make sure you stand upright, therefore improve the amount you can lift. We weren’t joking when we said that this Nordic weight lifting shoe is for serious lifters.

So, who needs this powerlifting shoe exactly?

Powerlifters, bodybuilders, weightlifters, cross-fitters, and people who lift heavy weights regularly either professionally or not.

As long as you perform big exercises such as squats, clean & jerks, deadlifts, leg presses, and overhead presses; you need Nordic’s weightlifting shoe.

Even if you are still not sure whether you should get Nordic’s Weightlifting shoes or stick to your running shoe; you should know that Nordic offers a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Check it Out

adidas Men’s Adipower Weightlifting Ii Sneaker

Adidas is a trusted brand that’s not exclusive to weightlifting shoes. Still, if you are looking for a cool design that has most of the features of other picks; Adipower weightlifting shoes are pretty neat.

This shoe is 100% Synthetic and has a rubber sole for stability. It’s comfortable, light, and more flexible compared to clunky weightlifting shoes. However, the heel part is stiff which will help you lift more due to the stability it provides.

Our verdict is;

If you are a beginner and look for a budget-friendly option with low ankle mobility; you should get this shoe.

Check it Out


By squatting in running shoes you’ll be compromising your joint health and lift less than you would actually do.

Using flat sole shoes while lifting is a must. Some use weightlifting shoes –as you should-, some use chuck Taylors and some don’t wear anything so they can lift barefoot.

Let us know in the comments, which way do you prefer to hit new PR’s?

Thank you for reading.

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Is Squatting in Running Shoes Dangerous

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