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Is Drinking Protein Shake After Running Healthy or Not?

A protein shake after running might not seem as important as eating something with carbs to restore your energy. However, even though carbo-loading is extremely important; getting something with protein after any physical activity also is.

Physical activities that require high levels of endurance work our muscles like crazy. After that we need to repair those small tears, so, our bodies adapt better. We need protein for that and we need it quickly. If you don’t give attention to pre and post-workout meals, your body won’t be able to rebuild muscles.

You need protein to get stronger, durable, and faster. Drinking a protein shake after running should be the first thing you do.

Of course, runners don’t need as much protein as bodybuilders. Still, that doesn’t mean they should ignore it and focus only on carbs. Finding balance is the key to improvement.

So, how can you get your protein besides a shake? Well, you can make yourself a little sandwich with peanut butter or cheese, or with eggs. Most people hate eating food after workouts because their bodies are still haven’t cooled off and their stomach can’t handle food.

Also, it may be considered inconvenient to carry food with you instead of something liquid. So, we recommend that having protein powder with you is much better than carrying a meal with you.

Don’t get us wrong though, after you reach home; you must eat whole foods. You can’t and shouldn’t ever replace real food with supplements.

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When Is The Best Time To Drink A Protein Shake?

Drinking Protein Shake After Running is It Healthy or Not

Even though it depends on your goals; let’s stick to the subject. Without a shadow of a doubt after your workout, you need to drink a protein shake for your body to recover. Specifically, if you love marathon-like runs, you should have a protein drink with you.

Most people recommend drinking protein shake between 15 minutes up to an hour. So, what happens if you miss that “anabolic window”? It’s not the end of the world but your muscles might have a harder time recovering.

Honestly, this is a controversial topic, some argue that it’s extremely important and some call this phenomenon bull crap. We believe that you need to drink a protein shake and eat something with carbs to restore your energy.

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Should I Drink A Protein After Running?

Yes, protein shakes are convenient to consume right after running. Get back your energy back with carbs and rebuild your muscles with protein.

So, what happens if you run to exhaustion and don’t consume anything afterward? First of all, that’s extremely dangerous. After a grueling physical activity like that, it may lead to fatigue or even injury. Also, your internal organs take a beating because they have to work extra to find resources to heal your body. Don’t jeopardize your health by messing up with your inner balance.

If you are around 150lbs, you should consume around 140g of protein per day. Yes, that includes rest days as well!

There are various discussions related to if runners need to drink protein shakes. Some experts say you should get your protein 2 hours before and some say you should get your protein after your run within an hour. Why don’t you break your daily protein consumption into pieces and get protein before and also after your run?

It’s claimed that you can only consume 25 to 50 grams of protein per meal. Try different things to find what works for you.

For example, weightlifters emphasize their protein intake in their diet. It’s quite hard to consume enough protein without getting too much fat and carbs, to not get confused you need to keep things simple.

However, compared to weightlifters; runners don’t have to focus on where they get their protein. Due to running, you’ll be burning lots of calories, so, you won’t get fat with your diet as a weightlifter would.

Runners can diversify their diet more and not consume as much as protein-like weightlifters. Still drinking a protein shake after running is ideal.

Best Protein Shakes for Runners

Onnit Whey Isolate Grass-Fed Protein

onnit grass fed protein protein shake after running

Whey isolate protein is basically just protein without extra carbs and fat. So, your body will receive straight protein. After a grueling run, this is exactly what you need.

Onnit has an easily digestible protein powder that uses non-GMO ingredients and their grass-fed protein comes from dairy cows in New Zealand!

Also, the flavor is the delicious Mexican chocolate. You don’t have to choose between quality and taste.

Check it Out

NutraOne Vegan Creations – Peanut Butter

VeganCreations_1lb_PeanutButter_Render_1000x protein shake after running

NutraOne has one of the finest vegan protein powders out there. Each scoop has 20 grams of plant-based protein powder made from pea protein isolate and brown rice protein.

Compared to high sugar protein powders, you can make awesome low sugar protein shakes with this powder. It only has a blend of stevia and sucralose. Also, other brands tend to put amino acids in their powders; NutraOne keeps it vegan with full plant-based protein.

Of course, vegan protein powders don’t have any dairy in them. Therefore, this protein powder is also great to reduce bloating and not strain your digestive system.

You won’t have any problems consuming this right after your run.

Check it Out


So, we explained should you drink a protein shake after running, is it really important to drink when, and finally displayed two amazing protein powders.

Don’t forget to complement your run with a healthy diet afterward.

Have you enjoyed our article? If you got any questions, let us know in the comments.

Thank you for reading.

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Drinking Protein Shake After Running is It Healthy or Not

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