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Getting Pain-Free With Using A Massage Gun For Lower Back Pain

If you’re looking for a quick, painless fix for lower back pain, then this article is exactly what you need. It will go over the benefits and how to use a massage gun for lower back pain and perform at your highest potential.

Is using a massage gun for lower back pain ideal?

It’s not just true that a massage gun can lessen lower back pain, but also help with various spasms or stiffness in the lower back area that anyone can experience at any time. Using a massage gun works wonders for those who use it on a daily basis. You’ll be able to maintain flexibility and strength in your lower body without experiencing any pain at all.

If you have any type of pain in your lower back area, this is a simple and quick way to relieve it. You can also use the massage gun for other parts of your body.

When used in combination with healthy lifestyle habits and natural remedies, a massage gun can be one more tool that you have at your disposal for fighting chronic lower back pain or injuries that result from weak muscles or tendons.

What Causes Lower Back Pain?

What Causes Lower Back Pain

Experts estimate that up to 80% of the population will experience back pain at some time in their lives at a point in their lives. Lower back pain is regarded as one of the most common causes of pain. (1)

So, what causes lower back pain and how can we avoid it?

This is a topic that is very difficult to get a straight answer to because there are so many causes of it. Lower back pain can be caused by a number of things, including an injury like a fall, heavy lifting, or even sitting wrong! The first thing that you need to understand is what type of back pain you are experiencing and from what source so that you can go about treating it in the most effective way possible.

There are 5 general types of lower back pain:

1) Acute – it’s sudden and severe; usually due to an injury such as from heavy lifting

2) Subacute – this lasts for weeks and the symptoms may worsen during activity; typically caused by overuse or repetitive strain (ex. lifting)

3) Chronic – is an ongoing pain for weeks, months, and years; typically caused by overuse or repetitive strain (ex. lifting) or can be caused by degenerative disc disease on the spine

4) Intermittent – this is a lasting pain that can vary from day to day, month to month, or year to year; generally caused by overuse or repetitive strain (ex. lifting).

5) Referred – it’s a pain felt in one area of the body but is being caused by a problem in another. This pain for instance can be caused by back problems like spondylosis, arthritis, a herniated disc, or spinal stenosis which are all located in the lumbar region of the spine. Also, fibromyalgia can cause referred pain from the upper back to the shoulder blade and arm.

Here are more reasons for back pain:

  • Muscle strains (from overuse or poor posture)
  • Herniated disc(s)
  • Osteoporosis
  • Aging
  • Muscle injury
  • Pinched/compressed nerves
  • Narrowing of the spinal canal (spinal stenosis)
  • Vertebral fracture(s)
  • Spondylitis
  • Scoliosis
  • Tumors
  • Degenerative disc disease

It is also possible to have an injury that causes both acute and chronic lower back pain (ex: sprained or strained back). In this case, you may need to treat both types of pain at the same time.

One of the most common causes of lower back pain is referred pain. You feel this pain in one area of the body but it is actually from trouble somewhere else. The two most common sources for this are disc problems and poor posture.

For disc problems, it is very important to keep the spinal discs clean so that they can stay fluid and in good working condition with no damage or deterioration. This means you need to exercise regularly, avoid lifting heavy objects above your head and always be sure to warm up before any exercise, even simple day-to-day tasks like walking to your car or getting out of a chair.

Using A Massage Gun For Lower Back Pain

Using A Massage Gun For Lower Back Pain

Many physical therapists say that massage guns offer a quick and effective solution to the body parts that are often prone to stress (such as the lower back, upper back, and shoulders)


Severe back pain, including that which is due to slipped discs and arthritis, is a good reason to see a doctor. It may not be a good idea to try massage guns without a physician’s dispensation if you have other serious conditions.

Although it seems gentle, the use of this device may cause your muscles soreness or spasms, especially if you are new to massagers of any kind.

You should stop working when feeling moderate pain and switch to another body part.

Use the gun on any body parts that feel stiff or hurt in any way and keep using it until you feel better. After certain treatment sessions, you may feel a bit tired.

If you suffer from chronic back pain, using a percussion massage gun regularly can only work if your condition does allow it.

Using the device regularly on the affected area increases blood circulation in this area and helps your body to heal itself faster and reduces the pain. Also, using this type of massage gun regularly can actually help prevent future occurrences of the back pain condition by working out trigger points that lead to muscle spasms and stiffening.

Although the use of this device usually provides prompt relief for back problems, take care not to overuse it if you have acute back pain for a few days because this can worsen the problem with uneven pressure on your body. If you feel pain in this area, stop using the massage gun immediately and visit your doctor.

Discomfort in the working muscles or a bulging, swollen muscle can occur despite regular treatment.

How to Use a Massage Gun for Lower Back Pain?

How to Use a Massage Gun for Lower Back Pain

Start with a low-pressure massage for five minutes and gradually raise pressure until you reach a point only where you can feel some soreness. You may also use this type of massage gun for neck and shoulder problems, but it’s usually done after some basic treatments to your back. It should only be used occasionally or when needed and held at a distance from where it is placed on the skin.

Creating and using your own massage regimen is your responsibility. Massaging with percussion instruments should always be done cautiously and if you feel any discomfort or pain, stop immediately.     

Avoid doing this with a person who has a pacemaker or other implanted electronic device in his body because the vibrations can interfere with it.

You need to do some research on percussion massage guns first before you choose one for yourself. They are available in different models, some of which are not therapy tools but are just for fun and leisure as well as back massagers other than simple percussion tools.

Otherwise, all these devices are actually very affordable and can deliver the same results as long as used properly.

There are many more benefits to using a massage gun, especially after a grueling workout. Check the article below:

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Best Massage Gun for Lower Back Pain

TOLOCO deep tissue massage gun is a great means of relieving muscle fatigue, promoting blood circulation, reducing lactic acid, and providing you with a comfortable massage experience. It has 20 different speed levels, allowing for different levels of intensity massage.

With its 10 interchangeable massage heads, the cordless massage gun helps users relax their entire bodies. Also, it features ergonomic silicone handles that can effectively prevent slipping while also providing a firm grip.

Due to its lightweight design and carrying case, it is easy to transport and store.

Here is a top review on this product:

toloco massage gun review

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As long as you are being careful with it, you can use a massage gun for lower back pain. Even if you don’t plan to use a massage gun, please do not ignore your back pains. Speak with your doctor to find a remedy for your problem.

Don’t forget that you can improve your life quality drastically by getting rid of back pain.

Thank you for reading.

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Getting Pain-Free With Using A Massage Gun For Lower Back Pain

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