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11 Reasons Why You Should Use a Massage Gun After Workout

Once you get used to using a massage gun after workout; you won’t be able to not use it! Well, you might be thinking that regular massages are enough for when you get home, but they’re not. There’s a difference between full-body massage and those that are limited to specific parts of the body.

A massage gun is like having both at once – it gets deep into your muscles and joints without any pulling, tugging, or uncomfortable pressure. You don’t have to worry about any oil getting on your clothes, like with a regular massage either.

These guns make everything quick and easy so you can get back to whatever you are doing with zero stress and pain!

What is a Massage Gun?

what is a massage gun

A massage gun is a tool that is used by people to help them ease a sore muscle and its associated pain through an increased range of motion. It uses whirlpool technology to create gentle, but strong vibrations. The lack of direct pressure means that it is perfect for those who are still new to the healing benefits of massage and want something easy, yet effective, in their toolkit.

Massage guns also function as a great pair with foam rollers due to the high-intensity levels they can reach. They have multiple settings which offer options for beginners or experienced users. When used with a foam roller, the massage gun helps free up the tight muscles that are underneath your skin.

Please check the article below to learn how you can use a foam roller for muscle pain:

21 Foam Roller Exercises for Back, Hip and Neck Pain – Foam Roller Guide

Unlike a massage pad, you do not have to put pressure on sore muscle knots as you massage them, but it is still satisfying to feel them loosen up. The vibrating waves in the gun help loosen up your muscles, similar to how a rolling pin works in making dough. It can be used on any part of your body that is stiff or sore and gives an even amount of stress when applied to the legs, back, and shoulders.

The massage gun has a simple design with a metal handle. The handle uses a lock to secure the trigger, which offers no pressure and allows users to apply as much or little pressure as they need to the skin. It will force deep tissue to be massaged with ease and can even be used for pain or relief from arthritis pain.

It is also great for those who are trying out massage as a hobby for the first time because there is no pressure that changes how much you should apply.

11 Reasons to Use a Massage Gun After Workout

massage gun after workout

There are many reasons why people use them after workouts. They can be used by everyone, at any point in time, and for many different purposes. To name a few:

1) Improves Recovery and Growth

Stretching and flexibility exercises are often performed after workouts. Using a massage gun after your workout will help to get the blood flow going in your muscles to speed up recovery and growth from your exercise session today. If you are looking for something that is going to be simple and effective then it might be the right product for you.

2) Pain Relief from Sore Muscles and Joints

Using a massage gun after a workout will help to ease any pain that has built up in the muscles, joints, or ligaments.

Also, if you have experienced a long day at the office, days of carrying heavy bags on your shoulder, or soreness due to housework then this will help you tremendously. The vibration helps to relax any muscles that have become tight or sore from the workout.

3) Improves Flexibility

In addition to reducing pain, vibration also synchronizes your muscles, which gives you a greater range of motion. Flexibility makes muscles less likely to get injured or become sore as before.

And also, posture and balance will be improved as well as your flexibility.

4) It’s Portable

Massage guns are small and lightweight so you can bring them with you wherever you go. If you’re a frequent traveler or always on the go, it’s a great idea to keep one in your personal bag.

5) Great for Stress, Anxiety, and Depression

If you’re feeling stressed, anxious or depressed, massage guns are known to improve moods by releasing endorphins and can be used as a coping mechanism for depression. 

6) Can Relieve All Kinds of Pain

Massage can help reduce pain from injuries and even relieve headaches! It also helps with chronic pain such as back pain and other body parts.

7) It Can Reduce Cellulite

There is a possibility that massage guns can reduce cellulite, learn if it can work for you; check the article below:

Does a Massage Gun for Cellulite Works or Not?

8) Massage Guns are Affordable

It will cost less than a massage treatment and it will last longer because you don’t need to spend a lot of time doing the routine which makes it easy to maintain.

9) Improves Blood Flow

Massage guns are an effective and fast way to bring more oxygen and nutrients to your muscles which promotes healing. 

10) Easy to Use

Massage guns don’t require any knots or oils so once you get the hang of it; you can take care of your sore muscles without getting anyone’s help.

11) Ability to Reach Hard-to-Reach Areas

While you can easily reach your big muscles with your hands, sometimes it is hard to reach other areas such as the lower back or neck area. You don’t need another person to massage yourself with a massage gun because the handle makes it easier for you. You can point the head in any direction and move it around where ever needed on your body.

It is very easy and simple to use a massage gun after workout by yourself.

Best Massage Gun After Workout

With its ultra-strong heat dissipation function, JamGym massages your muscles with simple vibrations and without any noise. High precision enables the head and body to be tightly connected, reducing noise, and the latest noise reduction technology provides a comfortable environment with less than 39dB of noise when applied.

There are 10 different shapes for targeting different muscle groups to speed up recovery. The massage heads are easy to remove and attach in seconds, which will provide a different relaxing back and neck massage experience.

It has 30 different speed levels and an LCD touch screen that can adjust the frequency according to the massage type. The LCD touch screen allows the user to easily change the speed of the massage gun so that they can receive a relaxing massage for every muscle need.

With its 2400mAh lithium-ion high-quality rechargeable battery, the cordless massager offers more than 6 hours of operation time and requires less than 1.5 hours to fully charge. Its 12mm amplitude permits the percussion to penetrate deep into the deep tissue of the body.

Check it Out


We’ve given 11 strong reasons why you should use a massage gun after workout. Also, the massage gun we reviewed is one of the best pain relief tools on the market.

Tell us in the comments about your experience with using massage guns.

Thank you for reading.

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