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Uncover the Link Between Low Iron and Vitamin D

You need iron and Vitamin D in your diet to stay away from illnesses, but did you know that low iron and vitamin D can be linked? Learn how to combat low iron levels by increasing your intake of foods containing Vitamin D.

Symptoms of Low Iron

Symptoms of Low Iron

If you are experiencing fatigue, headaches, joint pain, sleep disturbances, memory problems, brain fog, and depression and have tested negative for anemia; you may be experiencing iron deficiency without a diagnosis.

Approximately 10 million people living in the United States are iron deficient, including 5 million who have iron deficiency anemia. (1) This is because iron is a critical mineral in red blood cells which removes toxins from your body, and delivers oxygen to your vital organs. 

The Link Between Low Iron and Vitamin D

The Link Between Low Iron and Vitamin D

When you suffer from low iron levels; you will feel fatigued no matter how much sleep or exercise you get because your red blood cells cannot carry oxygen to your vital organs.

Vitamin D is important to increase the absorption of iron and is essential for your body’s immune system.

Studies have found that iron-deficient female athletes who get vitamin D deficiency are three times more likely to get it. Women with vitamin D deficiency were also 2.7 times more likely to have iron deficiency. (2) Research published by Current Opinion in Endocrinology, Diabetes, and Obesity suggests that maintaining adequate levels of vitamin D is essential to preventing inflammatory type anemia. (3)

In order to combat low iron, you should increase your intake of foods containing Vitamin D to help build strong bones and an optimal immune system; so you can get back out there and be as active as possible.

Low concentrations of vitamin D are linked to an increased risk for cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, rise in mortality rates, hypertension, muscle weakness, and falls.

The low concentration of vitamin D is affecting the World population and needs to be addressed as a health priority.

For those who suffer from low iron levels, it is important to consume foods rich in Vitamin D because your body can’t absorb enough iron without it.

If that’s not enough you can get a supplement to solve your low iron problem.

Best Vitamin D and Iron Supplement Combination

Amazon Elements Iron and Vitamin D

Amazon Elements Iron contributes to the production of red blood cells and energy. It consists of 195 capsules and is taken daily at the indicated serving size.

Amazon Elements Vitamin D has 180 small liquid softgels, 6 months’ supply. It promotes strong bones and a healthy immune system.

They both contain no artificial flavors or colors, and no chemical preservatives. They are also vegan and gluten-free.

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A lot of people can’t absorb enough iron from their diet to support optimal health, so it’s important to increase your intake of foods rich in Vitamin D such as milk, fish, and seafood.

If that’s not enough you can take a supplement to support your body’s needs. Please read the articles below to learn more about Vitamin D:

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Uncover the Link Between Low Iron and Vitamin D

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