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Fat Blasting Love Handle Workout – ONLY 8 MINUTES

Have you ever wondered where the term “Love Handles” originated? The imagery alone of humans having handles is gross. And to associate it with “love”. Who loves handles on the sides of your body? In our minds, they have to go! But it isn’t easy, as everyone who has tried to remove this bulge from their sides, knows. We will be reviewing fat-blasting a love handle workout that only takes 8 minutes.  

These are some tried and true methods for dropping the “handles”. So, sit down…no strike that…. stand up and read the information below, because it will make you want to start your “love handle” workout today!

Are Love Handles Genetic?

Fat Blasting Love Handle Workout Are Love Handles Genetic?

Let’s start with a description of “Love Handles”, why we have them, and how do we rid ourselves of them.  Love handles are areas of excess fat located on the lower sides of the torso. (1)

Some experts agree that bodies are predisposed to storing fat in certain areas. Although these fat areas are not easy to get rid of, it is not impossible! If you really want to rid your body of them, you can. (1)

Think of these fat areas as “home” for the fat cells. They like hanging out there. So just like if you have ants hanging out in your house, you have to be thorough in order to make them move. You cannot just focus on one area. Just like with the ants, you must treat the entire house. It is the same with your body. You have to work out the entire body, and your body will search and destroy the fat cells. (1)

So not to get discouraged, you should know this from the start. Your body loses weight in the opposite order in which it gained it. Consequently, in the last area where you gained fat, you will lose fat first. And the first area you stored fat, love handles will be the last area where you lose it. (1) I know, lovely…Right! But actually, it’s all good, because when you do get to melting the love handles, the rest of your body will already be toned.

Love Handle Workout

The experts say you need to mix up your workout routine because you can’t do the same exercises every day. (1) It’s recommended for a love handle workout you do intense interval training 3 times a week and the alternate days’ workout with

  • Weights – weight machines or free weights, do pullups, kettle ball swings, rope waves, etc.
  • Do cardio – run, bike, elliptical, stepper, spinning, aerobics class, etc.
  • Swim

For intense interval training, it depends on your level of physical shape which one you do. For high-intense exercises, meaning really tough fat burning exercises, for an 8-minute workout. Some examples of the love handle exercises are below, and don’t forget to rest 5-10 in between each different exercise: (2, 4)

1) Jumping Burpee – 20 reps

Stand feet together, quickly bend at the knees and waist, place palms on the ground, kick your feet backward to a plank position, and quickly kick feet back in, stand up, and jump up.

2) Box Jumps – 20 reps

Stand with knees slightly bent, and feet shoulder-width apart, when ready quickly drop into a quarter squat, extend your hips, swing your arms, and push your feet through down through the floor, to push off the floor and propel yourself upon to the box. Jump down backward.

3) Russian Twists – 3 sets, reps 15 each

Sit on the floor, both knees bent & feet on the floor, extend arms out holding a weight or medicine ball, lower your upper body back until your back is a 45-degree angle to the floor, rotate your arms from side to side twisting your upper body, make sure to not lift your feet.

4) Push-ups – 3 sets, reps 10 each

Lie on the floor face down and on your toes, push torso up with arms till parallel with the floor, bend arms and lower torso till face is about 4-6 inches from the floor, keep back parallel with the floor. Repeat.

5) Dumbbell Bulgarian Split Squat – 2 sets, reps 8 each

Stand in front of a bench, back facing it, holding two dumbbells in both hands, rest one foot on the bench with laces down, squat on the standing leg until knee of trailing leg nearly touches the floor, push up through standing foot to return to starting position. After 2 sets, switch legs.

6) Planks – 2 sets, reps are 20 secs each

Lie face down on the floor with feet together and on your toes, lift your hips off the ground and support your body weight on your forearms, keep back parallel with the floor, tighten the core, hold for 30 secs.

7) Bicycle Crunches – 2 sets, reps are 20 each

Lie on your back on the floor with hands behind your head and your knees bent with shins parallel to the floor, lift your shoulders and head off the floor and engage your abs, slowly twist your body so your left elbow moves toward your right knee, as you twist extend your left leg straight out in front of you, slowly twist in the other direction, bring the left leg back to a bent position. With your right elbow moving toward your left knee, as you twist extend your right leg out in front of you.  Do not rush, be in control. This exercise is amazing for a love handle workout.

For low to mid-level intense exercises, which are reps for 30-50 seconds and rest 5-10 seconds and go onto the next exercise for a full 7 to 8 minutes. Some examples of the love handle exercises are: (3, 4)

  • Squat Punch – Squat, come up and punch with right fist, squat, come up and punch with the left fist, repeat.
  • Jumping Jacks
  • Mountain Climber – on the floor, face down, arms extended, shoulders over hands, legs extended, bring one knee up near your chest, other leg extended, straighten out bent leg, and draw other leg to the chest, repeat.
  • Curtsy Lunges – standing lunge right leg to the side, cross left leg behind right leg, bend both legs down & up like a curtsy 10 times, stand up, lunge left leg to the side, cross right leg behind left leg, bend both legs down & up like a curtsy 10 times, repeat.
  • Sprint in place as fast as you can.
  • Tri-cep dips – sit on the floor, lean body back and support with both arms, bend knees, lift hips up off the floor, tap left knee with the right hand, lower hips to floor, lift hips up off the floor, tap right knee with the left hand, lower hips to floor, repeat.
  • AB crunch – Lie on your back, arms behind the head, elbows out, flatten back at the waist to the floor, bend right leg to the chest, touch the right knee with the left elbow, straighten the leg, next bend left leg to the chest, touch left knee with right elbow, repeat
  • Step Ups – Stand facing a sturdy chair or stool, step up on the chair with your left leg, bring your right foot up to stand with both feet on the chair, lower right leg, and then left leg. Step up on a chair with the right leg, bring your left foot up to stand with both feet on the chair, lower left leg first, and then the right leg, repeat.
  • Toe Touches – Lie on your back with your legs up pointed toward the ceiling, crunch shoulders up, touch your toes, lower down and repeat. If you can’t touch your toes, touch as high as you can, if hamstrings are tight, bend your knees slightly.

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If you are committed to losing the “love handles”, then workout 3 to 5 times a week using a combination of cardio exercises, with weights, and some targeted love handle exercises for the ab, back, and sides. In addition, stick to a low-fat, high protein, and fiber-rich diet. Also avoid trans fats, sugar, alcohol, and stress.

Love Handles” may not be dangerous, but they are an indication of an unhealthy diet and not enough exercise. The combination of those two factors can cause a risk of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, diabetes, etc. Therefore, a healthier diet and exercise is a healthier you, and that’s a win-win.

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Fat Blasting Love Handle Workout

Written by:

Sharon Del Pietro


If you have any feedback, you can reach us out on our e-mail info@shapeutopia.com

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