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The Only Sound Way to Lose Hip Fat Fast & Effectively

There are lots of different ways to lose hip fat; especially when there are thousands of diets, exercises, and tips about weight loss. However, which condition is the best to achieve fast and effective weight loss?

Some diets can help you lose hip fat pretty fast but since they are not ideal; you’ll gain back that weight faster than you burned. Why some diets are superior to others even though the aim is the same?

That’s because most “weight loss” diets are not sustainable and neglect some of the main components of healthy diets completely. So, first of all, why are these diets are not sustainable?

lose hip fat

They aim to lose weight as soon as possible. When the diet is way too strict and super low in calories; you don’t only lose fat, you also lose muscle.  A diet, first and foremost, should be something you can follow for months and years! If you don’t stay faithful to your diet in the long run, you’ll gain back each and every pound you lost. There is a reason why you are in the bodyweight you currently are and that’s poor and unhealthy diet choices followed by bad habits.

Second of all how come they neglect some of the elements of healthy diets? Sadly, most flashy diets offer unhealthy diet choices. Either they build their diet on some “miracle” food (Like avocado) that somehow is the answer to the weight loss problem or they completely disregard fat or carbs.

There is a lot to unpack here. Let’s say it as it is; the answer to the weight loss problem is a healthy balanced diet. Shocking, right? No food can ever, whether it’s apple cider vinegar or oats can be the only solution to losing weight. Ignore diets that focus on only one food choice.

Also, we said that most diets on the internet are no-carb or no-fat diets. Well, it’s extremely risky to your health to cut carbs completely. Let’s boil this down:

Carbs are energy sources and your brain needs the energy to function. Also, your brain is not the only organ that needs carbs. So, what do you think will happen when you cut carbs completely? Your vital organs won’t be able to function properly and due to that, you’ll face lots of health complications. Remember, all of this happened because you wanted to lose weight a bit faster.

Let’s not forget to mention, you can’t really spot-reduce the fat of a body part. It depends where you’ll first lose fat whether you are a man or a woman. If you are a woman, sadly it’s not that easy to lose hip fat first. However, as long as you focus on hip and core exercises you’ll make more muscles that will make you look toned.

You can’t ignore a healthy diet on top of it. Just check the articles below to find out healthy food options:

21 Super Low Fat High Protein Foods for Weight Loss

27 Super Foods for Weight Loss That Will Make You Lose Belly Fat Quickly!

Besides dieting, let’s talk about which exercises you should follow. Well, one of the best ways to lose weight is done through cardio. There are lots of ways to do cardio, check the articles below to find out which one suits you:

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If you feel lost through options, even if you don’t have cardio equipment; you can do HIIT exercises at home to lose fat. Well, HIIT exercises are great for losing fat in a limited time; with only 10 minutes of impactful exercising, you can lose a lot of fat during and after exercising. There is an amazing thing called EPOC, which makes you continue burning fat even though you stopped exercising.

Is doing HIIT exercises is enough on its own? Well, we highly recommend LIIT exercises too. Whether a walk in the park or cycling; LIIT exercises are great for cardiovascular health.

Tips and Tricks to Lose Hip Fat

tips and tricks to lose hip fat

We talked about diets and exercising. Now let’s go through some of the tips and tricks to lose hip fat, keep in mind that most of these tips are for overall weight loss.

A Deep and Quality Sleep

We don’t blame you if you don’t have time to get at least 8 hours of sleep at night. You may have a kid or you could simply be a workaholic. Just know that a good night’s sleep can’t be replaced no matter what you do. Your body goes through changes while you sleep, it builds muscle and continues burning fat.

Try to get more sleep no matter what.

Stress-Free Life

Stress-free life, what a luxury! We know that’s not easy to have, especially if you are living in a big city.

Stress can lead to weight gain, high blood pressure, headaches, and more. It wouldn’t be over the top when we say “stress is killing you”.

So, how can we deal with stress? Some people relieve stress through yoga, meditation and therapy; some relieve stress by reaching friends and family. Find what works for you and don’t ignore eliminating stress any longer!

Drink Coffee

With no filling and cream! Maybe a bit of milk, but that’s it. Keep your coffee simple to improve your exercising performance. Drinking coffee right before exercising can make you more energized, therefore help you do cardio or lift weights easier.

Also, coffee will help you relieve your bowels. If you are not a coffee person, you can look up a pre-workout on the internet to replace most of the effects of coffee.

Don’t Forget to Drink Water

Not just because water is essential, but also, sometimes you are not hungry and only thirsty. If you drink water regularly, you’ll quickly realize you crave food less during the day.

Take a note on your phone to regularly alert you to drink water. Also, some apps remind you when to drink water. Simply do a Google search to find a good app.

Eat a Banana

Potassium is a super important mineral that can help you even your salt intake. Sadly, most Americans eat diets with lots of salt (Sodium). Once you get more salt in your body than you need, you face health complications, especially considering your heart.

Read this article below to truly understand how vital eating potassium regularly is:

11 Nutrient Foods High in Potassium – Thin Line Between Chaos & Order

Downsize Your Portions

If you find calorie counting hard, simply make your portions smaller. If you used to put two tablespoons of rice on your plate, only put one.

Once you start to allocate your portion sizes properly in each meal: you’ll start getting fewer calories during the day which will lead to weight loss.

Choose Healthy Snacks

It’s understandable when you crave a late-night snack. Instead of eating an unhealthy snack, replace that with a healthy snack such as yogurt with fruits.

We are made up of habits. Once you start snacking with a healthy option, eventually you’ll start to crave that option late at night more than other unhealthy options.

Limit Your Alcohol Consumption

Most cocktails are made up of lots of calories. So, if you want to ruin a week’s dieting and exercising; just order sex on the beach!

Don’t fall for the peer pressure that “one drink can’t hurt”. You know that one drink is a gateway to lots of more alcohol followed by binge eating.


If you want to lose hip fat or lose fat from anywhere; you should simply follow a healthy diet and exercise regularly. You probably thought the solution should have been more complicated. Well, it isn’t.

Ignore so-called “dieticians” and “weight loss gurus” that claim to know something the public doesn’t. Sometimes, when you are trying to find a shortcut, you end up spending so much of your time on that “shortcut”; it’s no longer a fast and easy way.

Keep this principle in your mind; consistency is the key, the rest is only noise.

Let us know in the comments, what helped you to ease your weight loss journey?

Thank you for reading.

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The Only Sound Way to Lose Hip Fat Fast & Effectively

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