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Lean Bulk Body –Attainable or Not?

Is a lean bulk body attainable or it’s a made-up concept produced by the fitness industry?

Lean bulking is a strategy used by fitness enthusiasts, bodybuilders, and athletes who want to increase their lean muscle mass without adding too much body fat. This can be achieved through strict dieting and intense weight lifting sessions.

Is it Healthy to Bulk Up?

It is very healthy for you to bulk up if done correctly. It should be noted that when you are in the process of bulking up it will require more calories to maintain your weight while attempting to gain muscle.

Do not try to dirty bulk, it’s a waste of time and energy!

When Should You Bulk?

When Should You Bulk

If you’re a beginner and out of shape: Cut first. You should focus on lower rep ranges like 5 or less and higher intensities (usually weights that are 85% of your 1 rep max for those exercises).

If you’re intermediate: See if you can get into the exercising as quickly as possible then bulk. You can also see if you can build muscle like a beginner (so doing higher reps with lower weights).

If you’re advanced: Bulk first until you reach your ideal physique, then probably cut for a few weeks to tighten up the muscle definition.

While you are on a bulk, your breakfasts must be top-notch, check the article below:

Best Breakfast for Weight Gain – BULK UP!

How to Lean Bulk?

How to Lean Bulk

Building lean muscle is crucial to looking good and feeling good, but we all know how difficult it can be to make our muscles grow. Even more challenging is the process of learning how to bulk properly.

Although most people think of bulking as adding bulk to the muscles, it is the most challenging process. In order to build muscle, you must first learn how to eat properly and how to work out. Also, you need to know the proper nutrition and technique for developing your muscles.

A common misconception about bulking is that it means putting on a lot of weight quickly. It’s probably the easiest way, but there are many other forms of bulking that can be just as effective without getting fat or weak if utilized correctly.

To build a healthier, stronger body you’ll need a combination of cardio and weight training. This allows your muscles to grow and become stronger. You’ll also need to take in an ample amount of calories above your daily expenditure, which is called bulking. 

There is a lot to speak on this matter, lucky for you we have a guide just for clean bulking:

Clean Bulking Guide – Get Big Without Getting Fat!

How to Bulk When You Are on a Budget?

How to Bulk When You Are on a Budget

Most people believe that to bulk properly, they must consume 3-5 times their body weight in food each day. This isn’t true! You can still bulk without blowing your budget by following the tips listed below:

Try feeding yourself mostly foods that are high in protein and low in fat primarily because these will help you pack on muscle. Meats, eggs, beans, and tofu are all good sources of protein to choose from. You should also include carbohydrates like rice or potatoes with every meal to provide you with additional energy for your training sessions.

When possible, buy vegetables locally because they are fresher and less expensive than produce that has been shipped cross country or across seas.

Check our FREE guide on this to see how to bulk on a budget:

Bulking on a Budget Under 50$ a Week – Ultimate Guide

Is Lean Bulk Body Attainable?

Is Lean Bulk Body Attainable

A bulk will typically provide you with quick results. You’ll be able to see your muscles bulking up, and this should leave you feeling confident. But will a bulk always work towards building lean muscle?

The answer is, No.

You might think that bulking will see you build lean muscle because it gives your body more fuel than it usually consumes whilst dieting. But this isn’t the case. The amount of calories needed to build muscle is actually higher than for fat loss – which means that there isn’t enough energy available to synthesize new muscle tissue. As a result, you’ll need to eat even more than usual in order to pack on any noticeable mass at all.

Don’t get us wrong, a lean bulk body is attainable but only a small fraction of people have the willpower and the discipline to get a body like that.

Why do Some People fail to Bulk?

One reason is that most people overestimate their capability to gain muscle. Without any previous experience of training, many people overestimate their capability to gain muscle, and this leads to disappointment. And if you haven’t exercised regularly for years, this can be all the harder.

How much do you need to eat?

The number of calories you’ll need to eat in order to grow will entirely depend on your body type. If you’re naturally lean, you’ll need more calories than if you’re naturally carrying a little extra poundage. If that’s the case, then it will probably be easier for you to gain muscle than if you were already lean.

Being naturally athletic, or possessing higher levels of testosterone mean that males are more likely to bulk successfully than women. Those who are overweight may find it difficult because they could be lacking testosterone.

A lean bulk body is attainable for men and women; however, women might need a different approach when clean bulking:

Bulking for Women – The Only Guide You Need


While bulking, you need to be realistic about your results. You may think that you’ll pack on muscle bulk overnight, but the reality is that it takes time. You may find that your body responds quickly in the beginning, but after a few weeks of bulking, the process will slow down.

A lean bulk body is attainable only for the people who trust the process.

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Lean Bulk Body –Attainable or Not

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