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4 Real Reasons Why Keto and Calorie Deficit Is Inseparable

In the past few years, Keto and Calorie deficit has become a highly sought-after goal. For most people, there is nothing better than achieving a state of ketosis and enjoying the satisfaction that comes with it. There are many different ways to achieve this goal, but they all have one thing in common – restricting your caloric intake.

Can you speak of Keto without mentioning calorie deficit? Well, you can, but don’t blame keto when you are seeing any results regarding your weight loss journey!

What Is a Keto Diet?

What Is a Keto Diet

First, let’s understand what a Keto diet is all about. A Ketogenic Diet (Ketogenic diet) is a diet that causes your body to go into a state of metabolic ketosis when you are following it.  What this means is that you are essentially burning fat and not carbohydrates as your primary energy source. When your body enters a state of ketosis you burn energy from fat stores and not just the glucose that comes from carbs or the sugars in protein sources.

Why Should You Be on Keto Diet?

Ketogenic diets are known for their ability to help users lose weight quickly and efficiently. By changing the way your body uses energy, you are teaching your body to build lean muscle tissue.

Keto also has other benefits such as increased neurological health, anti-cancer properties, and an easier time getting into the state of ketosis which makes weight loss nearly effortless!

The Connection Between Keto and Calorie Deficit

The Connection Between Keto and Calorie Deficit

Here are the 4 reasons why there is a connection between keto and calorie deficit. Don’t expect to lose weight without taking these reasons into consideration.

1) It’s Impossible to Lose Weight Without Being On Calorie Deficit

Without being on a calorie deficit diet, no matter which diet you are on: you won’t be able to lose weight. So, if you are on the keto diet but not on a calorie deficit, you will most certainly gain weight! 

By deciding to hit your calorie deficit, you will lose weight. Furthermore, by projecting a calorie deficit, It will not be difficult for you to get into a state of ketosis and burn fat from your body. Another benefit of hitting your keto diet is that you are training your body to become efficient at burning fat.

2) You Are Still Eating Lots Of Carbs

This is one of the most overlooked reasons for failing to achieve your weight loss goals. You should take a look at which carbs you are putting into your diet when you are following keto.

If you think that it doesn’t matter what type of carbs you are eating as long as they are low in sugar and quality- then you are dead wrong. Look at the number of sugar carbs that are used in the keto diet and see if they are worth it or not.

3) You Are Abusing The Keto Diet

It is true that there is a massive amount of nutritional value in the keto diet, but you should never abuse this diet. If you do this, your body will shut down, your health will be affected and you might even gain way more weight than when you started.

In general, when we want to lose weight, we want to accomplish this goal in a short period of time. However, you should expect to lose weight slowly. If you are losing weight rapidly, you are most likely abusing the keto diet

Please manage your expectations.

4) Check If You Have A Medical Condition

If you are doing everything right and still can’t figure out why you are not seeing results, you may have an underlying medical condition. If you have a medical condition such as diabetes, don’t go all crazy with the Keto diet.

Your health and rules should be your top priority, not your weight loss journey!

Also, hypothyroidism can also be a reason why you are not losing weight. You should talk to your doctor and get on the right track by finding out if your thyroid levels are in good order or not.

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Keto and calorie deficit are inseparable! If you want to lose weight, you need to be on a caloric deficit diet. The diet that you choose will not matter, but it is vital that you stay in this state. By doing this, you will get into ketosis faster and see great results in both your physical and psychological well-being.

If you are struggling to achieve these results, take a look at the 4 reasons mentioned above and see if they apply to your situation.

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Thank you for reading.

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4 Real Reasons Why Keto and Calorie Deficit Is Inseparable

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