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Awesome Gym Shoes for Women That Are Relentless

Exercising is an amazing way to empower oneself. In this journey of struggle, you need to have great companions that won’t let you down. In this list of gym shoes for women, we’ll go through more than only strength training shoes but also plenty of different exercise type shoes.

You may be thinking, what’s the big deal with gym shoes? There are various important factors that you should consider before you get yourself a pair, such as; support, strength, comfort, tech. If you don’t take notice of these differences and get yourself cheap shoes, you may seriously injure yourself. For example, if you don’t get yourself a shoe that has a stable sole while lifting weights, you are bound to sprain your ankle or fall down badly.

gym shoes for women

Also, people who love doing cardio should get themselves a pair of breathable and comfortable running shoes. Again, with cheap shoes, you’ll hurt your feet and never be able to push your limits. Don’t worry; we’ll presenting some of the best running shoes here.

But before we get to our list, we should go through some of the important aspects of gym shoes for women; therefore you won’t make a choice you’ll regret later.

How Should Gym Shoes Fit?

If you’ve been exercising for a while, you know how your shoes should fit. Nevertheless, there are some important factors that apply to everybody, no matter what. Your shoes should fit but not too much, you should be able to move your toes, and your feet shouldn’t feel like they have been taken hostage. In fact, if you invest in quality shoes; your feet will be healthy, you’ll be able to exercise easier, and you’ll also look great.

Of course, some people have different feet shapes. If you have flat feet, your feet will pronate more than usual. Or you may have high-arched feet, which’s basically the opposite of flat feet, which means your feet won’t pronate enough. People with high-arched feet should consider midsoles that are soft and have more cushioning.

gym shoes for women

Like we’ve mentioned, your toes should have wiggle room, but on the contrary, your heel and the upper part should be snug but not tight and discomforting. When you get your shoes, test them with jogging and walking, do lighter versions of the exercises you are going to do while wearing the shoes, how do they feel exactly, are there any points that feel unusual? If they feel great and stay that way for the whole period of exercising, you’ve found your pair!

Keep in mind that some shoes feel great at first but let’s assume you do long sessions of cardio and when you are about to finish your session, ask yourself does your feet got tired because of the training or the shoes? This is the way to separate a good-fit shoe and a bad one.

Gym Shoes vs Running Shoes

Are gym shoes and running shoes the same, or are there any differences?

First, let’s talk about which occasions you should wear running shoes; of course, you should wear them when you are running because while running your shoes should protect your feet from the impact they’ll take. If you wear regular shoes for running, you’ll be prone to feet, knee, and joint injuries. Besides that, while providing protection; they should also be comfy and supportive. A good rule of thumb is; wear your running shoes for most cardio exercises.

Now, let’s talk about the purpose of gym shoes. They are for exercises and moves that require you to change directions quickly without losing your balance. Compared to a running shoe, a gym shoe has a flat surface instead of a heel drop. Running shoes have that part because the heel part of your foot needs to protected from the impact as much as it can.

gym shoes vs running shoes

There are various training types that gym shoes are suitable for like; lifting weights, powerlifting, and high-impact exercises. If you are going to do a HIIT exercise, gym shoes are better. Although for LIIT exercises you should prefer running shoes.

In short, these are the key differences:

Running shoes have a higher heel drop, and they are more supportive and cushioned. You can wear running shoes for longer periods without feeling discomfort. Also, with running shoes, you basically move in one direction.

Compared to them, gym shoes are better for side movements and similar movements that require you to be in the same place. The most important part of a gym shoe is it’s sole; it should be flat and also flexible.

Some running shoes are almost great at all-terrain, but if you love to be out in nature, you’ll face all kinds of obstacles like puddles, dirt, cobbles, and pebbles. Check our list of 15 Superior Quality Trail Running Shoes for Women to find yourself a pair that can bear all of them.

Gym Shoes for Women

Alright, so now let’s look at our selections.

High-Intensity Exercises

The six shoes we are going to present here are for HIIT, strength training, CrossFit, Powerlift, and similar multi-directional exercises. All these exercises require your feet to be closer to the ground more than a running shoe, so you can stay stable while performing heavy moves likes squats, deadlifts, etc.

Besides stability, these kinds of shoes should offer features like comfort, breathability, and durability. Let’s check our first pick:

1) Nike Metcon 5 Sneakers

As we’ve mentioned shoes for high-intensity multi-directional exercises should be flexible but also provide stability. Nike Metcon 5 is an amazing shoe that has both features; the front part of the shoe is flexible enough to perform various exercises easily. Also, the heel part is strong enough to keep you balanced while performing heavy exercises.

If you are a strong woman who is not afraid to go heavy on the weights, this shoe is the safest choice you can make. Also, they look pretty cool.

Check it Out

2) Nobull Women’s Training Shoes

Do you do CrossFit, powerlifting, or high-intensity circuit training? If yes, Nobull has one of the best gym shoes for women who want stability and versatility. Like the majority of strength training shoes; this one has a flat sole too, which helps with heavy lifts.

It looks pretty basic, that’s true. However, it’s durable, comfy, and breathable.

Check it Out

3) APL TechLoom Phantom

APL TechLoom Phantom is a hybrid shoe that you can both use for running and lifting. That’s because it doesn’t have much heel lift and also has a wide sole that helps you stay balanced while doing big and heavy movements. Also, its smart design helps your feet breathe, so you don’t get any blisters.

Breathability is an important factor that a shoe needs to be comfortable; also, it should be light, so you don’t feel like you are dragging your feet. APL TechLoom Phantom has all these features, which makes it a perfect shoe for cross-fitters.

Check it Out

4) New Balance Minimus 20 v7 Trainer

Do you want strength training and a HIIT shoe that looks like a normal sports shoe? New Balance Minimus 20 v7 is exactly that! Also, they haven’t got rid of any of the important features like stability, comfort, and versatility. In fact, the supportive midsole offers superb support that protects your feet while keeping them comfy.

If you got a treadmill at home, check out these 7 Best HIIT Workout on the Treadmill That Will Make You Lose Fat”.

Check it Out

5) ASICS Women’s Gel-Nimbus 22 Running Shoes

Asics offers one of the best gym shoes for women who experience joint and knee pain. That’s a bold claim, but you have to know that they make cushioned, lightweight and stable shoes which makes a ton of difference in absorbing impact.

Your lower body won’t feel much stress after you’ve put on these shoes to exercise.

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6) Adidas Powerlift 4

Our last shoe has a super simple design for people who want to look minimalist. With Adidas Powerlift 4, you can do heavy squats and deadlifts without needing to worry about balance because the outsole is made of anti-slip rubber and the heel counter is reinforced.

In fact, the stable sole of this shoe is perfect for experienced lifters who challenge themselves each time they are in the gym. Start breaking your personal records with the help of Adidas Powerlift 4.

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Less Intense Cardio

Compared to strength training shoes, running shoes offer; more comfort, breathability, and heel support. All running shoes need to have a supportive heel and midsole part because running puts a lot of stress on your knees, joints, and feet. They have interior designs which are made to absorb shock and ease the dynamics of running.

If you are looking to get your kids running shoes, check out these 17 Best Running Shoes for Kids That They Will Love”.

Alright, let’s see our first choice.

1) Adidas Women’s Ultraboost Running Shoe

Running has never been this easy and fun before Ultraboost because it offers cushioning and a bounce-like feel thanks to its heel and midsole parts. After putting these shoes on, you’ll be able to run without feeling any challenge which will also help you to be more fit and lose those extra pounds. Similarly, to the gym shoes for women, it offers a stable sole that will help your balance while running.

One of the best features this shoe has is its breathable design which helps a lot to prevent any blisters from happening. Besides all of these features, it’s lightweight, and also it has more than 25 awesome designs you can choose from.

Check it Out

2) Asics Gel Kayano 26

If you have problems with overpronation, Asics Gel Kayano 26 helps you settle that issue. Thanks to its cushioning and impact-absorbing design; you’ll be able to run without feeling any discomfort while protecting your knees and joints.

There are 4 main features this shoe offers;

First is the I.G.S (Impact Guidance System) technology which enhances your feet’ gait.

Second, FlyteFoam Lyte technology. Asics offers top cushioning because of its organic nanofibers.

Third, FlyteFoam Prople technology. It helps your feet to bounce back from impacts with its elastomer compound.

Last is the Dynamic DuoMax Support System. This feature enhances stability and support without putting extra weight.

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3) Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36 Running Shoes

The combination of lightweight, durable and comfy features makes this shoe one of the best gym shoes for women who love to run for miles. Indeed, running can be a lot easier with the responsive cushioning and support this shoe provides. Also, the gum rubber outsole absorbs all the impact, which helps you push your physical boundaries.

There are 15+ designs that can match any exercise outfit you got.

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4) ON Cloud X

First and foremost, this shoe is an amazing fit. There are several reasons for that; the molded heel part, the zero-gravity foam that supports your foot, and the breathable textile lining. Depending on your foot’s structure, you can remove the dual-density insole that provides cushioning and support.

ON Cloud X is a bit pricey compared to others on the list but; it offers unique comfort, shock absorption, and quality.

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We’ve listed a total of 10 different gym shoes for women who are looking to exercise in HIIT and LIIT. Honestly, they pretty much offer the same values, and it all depends on your preference to choose which one.

If you weren’t satisfied with our recommendations, you can look for other options. However, keep in mind that you should look for; a stable, durable, comfy, breathable, and made of quality material pair of shoes.

Get yourself a proper shoe for your needs and stop exercising with regular shoes to prevent any injuries that might happen.

Let us know in the comments that, which exercise type you are interested in? CrossFit, weight lifting, powerlifting, etc.

Thank you for reading.

Also, if you want to help us, please share this image!

Awesome Gym Shoes for Women That Are Relentless

If you have any feedback, you can reach us out on our e-mail info@shapeutopia.com

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