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Best Chest Workout with Dumbbells That You Can Do at Home

One of the most effective and rewarding workouts you can do is a chest workout with dumbbells. Besides making you look amazing, these exercises will also raise your self-confidence.

There are many professionals and beginners that give a lot of importance to the chest. They aim to spend the majority of their time in this area regularly. Well, it could be done on a daily basis as long as you don’t push yourself over your limit, if not you may seriously injure yourself.

Due to genetics; female and male body structures are different, we won’t be disregarding this factor in our article. In fact, this article will identify these differences and suggest exercises accordingly. So, whether you’re a man or woman; this article will help you to develop your chest.

Can Chest Workout Be Done Daily?

Best Chest Workout with Dumbbells That You Can Do at Home

First of all; we would like to focus on the matter of doing daily chest workout with dumbbells. Well, the quality of the reps is more important than seeing how many you can do. However, you can do these exercises daily as long as you believe your body heals properly. Still, many experts recommend doing workouts at least 3 times per week.

Also, keep in mind that everybody is different; some heal faster than others. If you feel like you haven’t properly healed, don’t go on with your workout because you may strain a muscle and hurt yourself badly.

You can test your body by raising your workout intensity on a weekly basis and listen to your body’s reaction. How do you feel after that week? Do you feel the need to turn it down or can you keep up this intensity and get used to it?

Can You Build Chest without Dumbbells?

Even though it is possible to do the chest workout without dumbbells, to get more effective results we recommend you to use dumbbells. Using dumbells:

  • Creates more pressure on your body.
  • Builds your muscles better.
  • Allows for a greater range of motion
  • Less stress on your joints,
  • Balanced development and strength
  • Works the pecs more effectively.
  • and also, improves your posture.

One of the best advantages of holding two dumbbells during exercising is the need to stabilizing your body. So, in the long run, it would be seen as a positive thing as your shoulder joints start learning how to stabilize them.

If you don’t have dumbbells, check the listings below;

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Chest Workout For Men

We will be focusing on 4 different exercises that can be useful for men and women separately. 

4. Incline Fly-Press

The main advantage of the following exercise is that it helps to build the upper chest. While exercising specifically the focus should be on your shoulders. Otherwise, this exercise could lead to serious injury circumstances.

To do the following exercise; if you don’t have an adjustable bench, elevate the bench on two or three heavy barbell plates. Lie back and slowly lower dumbbells on your sides with simultaneously bending your elbows. Squeeze your shoulder blades together until your chest is comfortably stretched. Get the dumbells back on the starting position and don’t let your shoulders take over the movement.

3. Decline Dumbbell Bench Press

For this move, it is important to decline your bench into the lowest position to exercise your lower chest. Do this exercise by lying on the bench with holding dumbbells at your arms’ length. Slowly bend your elbows and pull your shades blades together to bring your chest forward, again, it’s important to not let your shoulders take over this exercise. Slowly lower the dumbbells to your sides and push them up without breaking your focus from your chest. Don’t neglect this exercise, so, you can properly develop your lower chest to make your pecs look massive.

2. Crush Press (aka Squeeze Press)

Crush press is a pretty effective and highly recommended exercise as it forces muscles to get contracted hard in a shortened position. Hence, this makes for a good contrast to dumbbell pressing movements. For the starting position, it is important to press dumbbells together in the middle of your chest with this being the starting position of the exercise. With keeping the dumbbells together, you need to slowly push them to arms’ length over the chest and slowly return to the starting position. Keep in mind that you should push the weight faster than your lowering part.

1. 45-Degree Dumbbell Floor Press

This exercise focuses on the lower chest part and with being similar to the crush press; it does have the advantage of being an effective lower chest workout with dumbbells. Also, it’s very helpful for people who have shoulder pains.

Do this exercise by lying on your back with dumbbells, you need to rotate your wrists, so, the dumbbells get closer together. In other words, is like holding the steering wheel at a 10 o’clock position. Following that slowly lower your dumbbells on your sides, keeping your elbows close to your side until your triceps lightly contract to the floor. Push the dumbbells by holding your shoulders back and chest engaged.

Chest Workout For Women

After providing 4 exercises that are effective chest workout with dumbbells for men. We are now focusing on exercises that could be more suitable for women.

4. Dumbbell Floor Press

One of the most effective and recommended exercises for the chest workout with dumbbells for women is the floor press. One of the main advantages of this move is that it focuses on your upper back and your shoulders. Due to that, it helps you to get a strong posture.

To do the exercise you need to lie on your back on the floor. Press your arms to make sure that they’re straight, after that bend your elbows to lower dumbbells. Perform 12 reps for each set.

3. Seated Arnold Press

Mistakenly this move could be thought of as only effective for your shoulders, however, it’s also great for your chest. Start with sitting back with your torso leaned slightly back, feet on the ground, and knees bend softly with dumbbells being held on your sight. At first move dumbbells in front of your body with elbows bent 90 degrees. Afterward, bring dumbbells to your sides and push them towards the ceiling. Do this exercise for 12 reps and for 4 sets. Follow these instructions or watch the video above to avoid any injuries.

2. Close-Grip Chest Press

This chest press exercise is mainly focused on your grip movement which leads you to do your best during this chest workout with dumbbells. If you are on a calorie deficit you can quicken your weight loss by doing this exercise.

Lie on your back with your knees bent. With keeping dumbbells together push them straight up to lengthen your arms. After that, return to the starting position. Once again do 12 reps of 4 sets This exercise is pretty simple but you need to remember to keep your feet stable on the ground. Don’t use your back to push this weight up.

1. Lying Dumbbell Chest Fly

This is the last exercise on our list and it helps you improve your posture. Once again lie on your back with your knees bend, press back into the floor, engage the core, exhale, and bring the weight above the chest with maintaining there for a second before returning. Do this exercise for 12 reps for 4 sets once again. This exercise is very effective to help you get a firm chest.


This article has been written to provide important information on the structure of the chest and also to recommend dumbbell exercises both for men and women. As the chest takes an important role in self-confidence and body image, we highly recommend you to integrate and focus on the exercises that we shared.

We have focused on 4 different exercises both for men and women. As been noted, a chest workout with dumbbells helps you build a strong and firm chest but also it improves your posture and triceps!

Even though, you can do these exercises on a daily basis as long as you don’t push yourself too much. We recommend that you should do these exercises 4-5 times per week max! So, you can give your body some time to rest. That will also reduce the risks of injury and fatigue.

We hope this article has provided you with enough information on chest workout with dumbbells. Enjoy your workout!

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Best Chest Workout with Dumbbells For Home

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