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Best Way to Lose Weight: Carb Cycling and HIIT

Say goodbye to low-calorie, low-fat diets because there is no one best diet for the entire population. Also, no exercise program can help everybody! However, combining Carb Cycling and HIIT can do wonders!

You don’t believe us? Well, you just stumbled upon the best combination for weight loss: carb cycling and HIIT.

Carb cycling is a diet that limits carbohydrate intake, but it allows high-carbohydrate intake on certain days. Carb cycling is better than low-calorie diets because it regulates insulin levels

HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. It is an exercise program that alternates between short, intense bursts of activity and brief periods of either rest or lower intensity activity.

Before we show how to bring carb cycling and HIIT together; let’s look at both these fitness terms individually:

What is Carb Cycling?

What is Carb Cycling

Carb cycling sets a strict diet that gives your body a break from carbohydrates for one or two days and then reintroduces them into the diet. This is done by restricting yourself to one or two days per week (more often than not on the weekends) and then binging on the foods you’re craving, like bread and pasta, with unrestricted access to carbs for those days. Carb cycling allows your body to eventually regulate how it uses carbohydrates without having to overhaul its entire metabolism.

Benefits of Carb Cycling in short:

  • Helps you take control of your weight loss by setting realistic goals.
  • Allows you to eat those foods that you crave which can help reduce binging and restrictiveness
  • Time-efficient and easy to follow (Carb Cycling does not require a lot of time and effort).
  • Promotes an optimal hormonal balance.
  • No need for supplements, powders, or pills.

Carb Cycling requires menu planning and it is recommended that you make a detailed grocery list for each week. You will also want to record the food that you eat in case your nutritionist needs to see any records in order to monitor your progress.

Carb Cycling allows you to eat the foods that you crave. In this way, carb cycling can help reduce binging and restrictiveness as well as promote an optimal hormonal balance.

What is the suggested Carb Cycling diet?

In order to listen to your body’s natural signal of hunger and fullness, eating a low-carbohydrate diet for five days per week is a great first step before incorporating carb cycling into your routine. If you think you can handle a carb cycling diet, start right away!

This means you can lose weight (without feeling as if you’re depriving yourself) while still enjoying all of your favorite carbs!

If you want to learn more about how carb cycling can help you lose weight, check the article below:

Advanced Way to Lose Weight – Carb Cycling For Fat Loss

What is HIIT?

what is hiit

HIIT or High-Intensity Interval Training is a training method that alternates between periods of short intense work and recovery. HIIT is basically a more intense form of cardio. While it’s not uncommon to see HIIT in gyms, many people are using it at home through different forms including sprinting or using a treadmill for a few minutes then walking. This type of workout gets your heart rate up and increases the benefits on every other aspect of your fitness routine; such as weight loss, muscle tone, and metabolism.

The Benefits of HIIT

  • Increase aerobic fitness
  • Improve endurance and speed
  • Burn lots of calories and fat
  • Build muscle and lose weight
  • More lean muscle mass
  • Improved cholesterol levels & blood pressure
  • Stronger bones & lower risk of osteoporosis

HIIT has been shown to be a much more efficient way to train since it creates a negative energy balance in the body. The body uses much more energy in the period when it’s recovering from a high-intensity exercise than when it is doing low-intensity exercise such as walking. In other words, you’re burning more calories in a smaller amount of time when you do HIIT.

How to do HIIT?

There are many different types of HIIT, but the exact exercises that you do are not important. If you know how to use a treadmill or have access to a few different pieces of equipment you can still be effective in your workouts.

If you or your gym has a treadmill, you can do HIIT with a treadmill:

7 Best HIIT Workout on the Treadmill That Will Make You Lose Fat

Combining Carb Cycling And HIIT

Combining Carb Cycling And HIIT

How to combine Carb Cycling And HIIT for weight loss?

HIIT is a cardio-based activity that can be done just about anywhere. It has to be fast-paced and requires the use of all major muscle groups. As said before, HIIT workouts can be done just about anywhere, as they require little or no equipment. And they’re very fast-paced, so you burn more calories in less time. A good example would be doing jumping jacks for 20 minutes.

In recent years, carb cycling has been claimed as one of the most effective weight loss methods available, for people who are looking to lose weight in a fast but healthy manner.

It’s important to combine carb cycling and HIIT workouts in order to get the best results possible while maximizing fat loss while toning muscle at the same time.

The way it works is quite simple. By combining a few of the most common fat-burning HIIT workouts with your carb cycling days! It’s best to go on low carb days on carb cycle days, and high carb on the rest days.

This will maximize muscle endurance while keeping you quite lean.

Carb cycling is defined as having periods of lower carbohydrate intake, combined with periods of higher carbohydrate intake, with some type of HIIT exercise included every low-carb day. It’s typically done at least 3 times during the week.

A primary goal is to burn off excess body fat while gaining muscle mass along the way.

Still, did you know that Carb cycling has a lot of health benefits besides fat loss? Check the article below:

Top 7 Benefits of Carb Cycling – Lose Weight Effectively


One of the most underrated ways to lose weight is by combining carb cycling and HIIT. Do HIIT on your low carb days and on your rest days eat high carb foods to help you recover. Pretty simple, right?

Now, you can start to lose weight without pushing yourself too much!

After a month of combining carb cycling and HIIT, let us know in the comments, how are the results so far? If you are facing any issues, our fitness team can help you for FREE!

Thank you for reading.

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Carb Cycling and HIIT

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