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Bulking for Women – The Only Guide You Need

Ladies, you’re not alone in the world of weightlifting! We have tons of helpful resources for every woman who wants to bulk up. Whether you want to build muscle or just have a lean physique, we’ve got a plan for you. From beginning weightlifters who would like to focus on bulking up their upper body, all the way through more advanced athletes with bulking goals everywhere else on their bodies, we’ve got information for everyone. Bulking for women is easier than you think.

If your goal is to gain some muscle and lose fat, you might be wondering: how much weight should I gain?

It depends on several factors—your present body size, age, fitness level, training schedule, diet plan—but the general rule of thumb is that beginners should aim for around one pound per week. More experienced lifters can build up to two pounds per week. Some people are able to consume 3-4 pounds in a week without a significant increase in body fat percentage though this depends largely on how strict the dieting individual is with their eating habits. Ideally, over time your calorie intake will increase as well leading to added muscle mass rather than just more weight.

Let’s give some tips on bulking for women in the next section…

Bulking Tips for Women

Bulking Tips for Women

Here are some quick bulking tips for women:

  • Bulk up your upper body by training chest and shoulders first
  • Trim calories and eat a lot of protein to lose fat
  • Start slow, don’t bulk too quickly
  • Use correct form for all training exercises
  • Start with the right kind of workout weeks
  • Determine what your set and rep numbers should be
  • Progress slowly but surely with each workout
  • Eat more every few hours if you’re hungry (every 4-6 hours)
  • Add cardio to complement your lifting days (but not on lifting days) and more cardio if you’re not lifting weights during your bulking phase. If you like cardio, start with short 30-45 minute sessions 2 or 3 times per week.
  • Read a lot about how to increase your testosterone levels. It’s been shown to be a key factor in muscle building.
  • For women who have been lifting for many years or have been lifting weights for a very long time, it is good to start with a lower amount of weight and reps. In the beginning stages, simply getting used to lifting heavy can take away from your ability to lift hard and get stronger. So start lighter and work up in reps and weight once you feel comfortable with the movements.

Bulking Up the Lower Body

Bulking Up the Lower Body

Since women tend to get a lower amount of muscle mass in the lower body, this is where you get to get a lot of your size from. In case you’ve been lifting for years, you probably have the core strength and technique down from your upper body weightlifters days. You can use that knowledge to help improve your lower body bulk-up efforts.

Lifting heavy weights is important for women when they’re trying to bulk up because it’s vital in building muscle. High reps won’t build muscle in the same way that heavier weights do, so stick with proper form to get the best results.


  • Do a full-body routine
  • Focus on compound moves, don’t be afraid to go heavy
  • Do leg presses and squats every day
  • Don’t stop training your legs when you hit a new goal! Keep going until it’s time to take a break completely.

One of the most common mistakes women make when bulking is not following a good diet plan. You can easily go overboard with your calories, allow yourself to get too much fat on your body, and eat foods that are less than beneficial for you.

The first meal of the day which is breakfast can help you bulk up pretty quickly if you know what you are doing, check the article below:

Best Breakfast for Weight Gain – BULK UP!

Now, let’s talk about bulking for women…

Bulking for Women – How is it Done?

Bulking for Women – How is it Done

You may be wondering, why would any woman want to bulk? You may have seen the before and after pictures of female bodybuilders. Believe it or not, women can build muscle just as easily as men! This section will teach you the best ways to bulk for women.

Step 1: Workout Program

Before you start bulking, make sure your workout program is geared towards muscle growth. Lifting heavy weights with fewer reps is the best way to develop muscle. Try to train each muscle group at least twice a week.

Step 2: Diet

The best foods for bulking are high-calorie and nutrient-dense foods. Many women find that the easiest way to eat enough calories is to drink a protein shake after each workout. You can also try upping your carbohydrate and fat intake and decreasing the amount of protein that you consume, but this can also lead to weight gain, which we want to avoid.

Step 3: Supplements

Taking a muscle-building supplement can be a great way to help you achieve your bulking goals. Many women find that the best supplements are creatine, whey protein, and glutamine. Make sure to take these supplements with your meals after workouts.

Step 4: Rest and Recovery

If you want to bulk for women, you need to relax! Your body needs time to recover after strenuous workouts. Cross-training is an excellent way to keep your body fresh and give it time for recovery. Cross-training can include swimming, hiking, running, and biking.

Once there is a solid workout program and diet in place, bulking for women is easy!

If you want to learn how skinny guys can gain weight, check the article below:

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Bulking Supplements

Under this section, we’ll present some bulking supplements that can help you gain weight and make muscle. Keep in mind that not all mass gainer supplements are okay to take because they can make you gain more fat than muscle.

Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass Weight Gainer


Serious Mass is one of the best weight gain formulas. For a post-workout and between-meal shake that supports muscle recovery, this instantized powder delivers 1,250 calories per serving and 50 grams of protein.

It’s easy to pack on the pounds and build the physique you’ve always dreamed of with Serious Mass.

  • The 2-scoop serving of this weight gainer contains 1,250 calories
  • Fuel intense workouts with 50 grams of protein per serving
  • Each serving contains over 250 grams of carbohydrates
  • Creatine and Glutamine with 25 vitamins and minerals

Check it Out

Rivalus Clean Gainer


The RIVALUS claims that they raise the bar for standards and quality far beyond the legal requirement or government regulation of an industry with questionable legislation.

Rivalus Clean Gainer has what a high-quality calorie diet that contains clean protein and healthy carb sources like brown rice, organic quinoa, and rolled oats have. These are combined with a powerful protein blend for muscle growth.

Each serving contains 560 calories, 30 grams of protein, 90 grams of carbohydrates, essential fats, and less than 8 grams of sugar.

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So, here it is, our bulking for women guide. Now, you know what to do in order to gain weight and make muscle. Just be sure that the calories you are taking are mostly protein and healthy carbs, don’t try to dirty bulk and “cheat” your way into getting your ideal body.

Also, if you want to gain weight by bulking up but on a budget, check our ultimate guide below for FREE:

Bulking on a Budget Under 50$ a Week – Ultimate Guide

Thank you for reading.

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