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Best Workout Equipment at Home You Can Get For Under $25 / Ultimate Guide

If you are tired of having so much stress on your body and on a budget, in this guide we have researched the best workout equipment, you can use at home. Getting back to active physical training can be hard after all the time you were inactive, don’t worry the exercise equipment we have here can be used for anyone who wants to get back to being active or who wants to train more in the home.

Here’s our guide on workout equipment at home that is under 25 dollars, you pick what’s right for you:

Best Workout Equipment at Home for Full Body

Resistance Loop Exercise Bands

In the past ten years, workout bands have solidified their position in the fitness world, moving out of pilates only niche to a broader audience. From bodybuilders to fitness models, everybody uses them for stretching, strength training, and even physical therapy. You can also work out arms, chest, abs, and legs by stretching the band using its resistance. Also, glute and hip activation can be easily done with these exercise bands.

Training at home, or warming up for a big lift, loop bands are an easy way to loosen your muscles and work on strength and flexibility.

Flex bands are so simple to use that anyone can use them. If you are over 35 years old, exercise bands should be daily stable for you. Stretching your muscles in the morning will increase your mobility, and you’ll have less stress on your joints and body during the day.

This exercise band comes in 5 different resistance strength levels: Extra Light, Light, Medium, Heavy, and Extra Heavy. So you can start using these exercise bands as a beginner or advanced.

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Skipping Rope

You probably used a skipping rope when you were a kid; we have to ask: why did you stop? A skipping rope is great for training your body and for endurance and speed training also. So start using a skipping rope again, it’s going to be much more beneficial for you than when you were using it as a kid. It’s simple but so much effective to get your sweat in and to lose those extra pounds that you now have. A jump rope is an essential piece of equipment your home gym should always have for an amazing effective cardio workout.

One of the most important parts is this basic jumping rope training can help you with burning a lot of calories while having fun, decrease foot and ankle injuries, and improve your overall cardiovascular health by cardiovascular development. Also in time, you will get in shape, are there even any downsides? So you can’t go wrong by using the good-old skipping rope.

You are going to be overall healthier and happier by just using this every day for like 5 minutes. You’ll see results pretty fast if you just keep doing this and by making it a habit.

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Yoga Mat

A yoga mat is a stable in-home gym owner, so if you are aiming to get more exercise equipment, you can’t go wrong with getting one of these.

Yoga mats comfortably cushion the spine, hips, knees, and elbows on hard floors. Whether you are planking, doing abs or pushups, any workout you do on the floor, you need a yoga mat. You want to work your muscles with comfort, even not working at all is better than having pain in your joints and bones. In the long run, having a yoga mat will benefit your health. This is another great addition to your home gym on a budget!

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Ab Roller

Ab rollers are easy to use and great for training abs. You just have to hold the handles roll to front and back stretching your abdominal area; ab rollers help you to build stronger and bigger six-pack abs, burn calories, build muscle, and improve your overall endurance.

A weak core is one of the main factors of lower and overall back pain, daily use of an ab roller will strengthen your core so you won’t have to endure any more pain it is just amazing for physical therapy.

This Ab Roller comes with 3 FREE GIFTS: Each purchase includes three incredible extras.

1) A comfortable knee pad for added knee support

2) Six Pack Abs Nutrition E-book for valuable diet, health, and fitness guidance.

3) Ultimate Ab Workout E-book for fitness training workout advice. This is one of the best workout equipment at home

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Foam Roller

Do you have any back pain? Any strain on your legs and glutes? Foam rollers are for pain relief in those areas. You can use foam rollers for exercises, massage, muscle recovery, and rehab exercises. The only thing you have to do is the spot where your muscle pain is and roll that part by getting on top of your foam roller.

Anyone who wants to relieve their sore muscles after a workout, or undo the knots they get after hunching over a computer should have a foam roller. It is easy to use and just under our budget of $25, what’s not to like about having less pain?

Don’t forget to check our Foam Roller Guide explaining 21 Foam Roller Exercises for Back, Hip, and Neck Pain! CLICK HERE

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Yoga Ball

The exercises you can do with a yoga ball are almost limitless. You can train for arms, back, abs, legs, glutes, and basically any body part you need to work out.

Yoga balls have a variety of useful places, they are not only great for pilates, yoga, back, and abdominal training, and pregnancy gymnastics, or the other kinds of low impact exercises, but also they can be used as office ball chairs to improve your posture and relieve back pain.

Are you starting to notice a pattern? All of these exercise equipment you can get for under $25 is great for back pain relief.

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Pull-up Bar

Pull up bars are great for bodyweight training, even if you can’t do any pull-ups, just hanging from it will help you relieve the pressure you have on your lower back. Slowly you can build up your upper strength, core, abs, and arms. You can use the pull-up bar with a wide grip, narrow grip, neutral grip, and chin-ups. All of those variations help you exercise a different body part.

You can turn working out to a game, put your bar on your door frame, and every time you get out of the room, try to do a pull-up, see who in the house can do overall more pull-ups in the day! Working out multiple times during the day keeps you active and helps with your overall wellness.

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Check our guide to learn more about 9 Best Pull Up Bar for Any Setting – the Easy Ultimate Guide to learn more!

This is the must-have exercise equipment, whether you are a beginner or an advanced lifter. What you can with dumbbells are truly limitless when it comes to exercising, you can work out any body part you can imagine; however, you want.

Should you get fixed dumbbells our adjustable ones? Check our guide on adjustable dumbbells!


If you don’t know exactly how you can work out just go to YouTube and search for “your body part + dumbbells”; you’ll see a bunch of different pieces of training you can do. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t swing the dumbbells, you should focus on wherever you’re working out. For example don’t rock back and forth while doing bicep curls, stay stable, so you don’t let the momentum do your exercise for you.

Resistance training not only tones muscles, and builds strength, but it can also burn calories, increase your energy levels, protect bone health. What’s not to like?

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After reading this guide and judging this equipment, you should know which one is for you. Our suggestion is to get at least one of the exercise equipment you’ve seen in this guide to get back in shape. If you don’t have any more to spare, you can always come back to this guide, and next month you can get your second best pick. It’s up to you to get healthier and happier. You just have to take action.

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Best Exercise Equipment You Can Get For Under $25 / Ultimate Guide

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