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Best Way to Get Calcium – 12 Calcium Rich Foods

Calcium is a mineral that is important for bone health. Calcium in the diet comes from milk, cheese, and other dairy products and through leafy green vegetables. Because it can be hard to meet your daily requirement of calcium if you don’t include foods with these nutrients in your diet, many people consume calcium supplements due to it, especially vegans. Let’s see what is the best way to get calcium.

Your body needs calcium to build and repair bone tissue. Calcium is also a crucial part of the muscle contractions necessary for the heart and other muscles to work. If you are getting enough calcium in your diet, it will help keep your bones strong and may help prevent osteoporosis. Calcium can also reduce your risk of colon cancer and high blood pressure, as well as lower cholesterol levels.

Best Way to Get Calcium

It’s recommended that adult men and women men aged 19-50 should get 1,000 milligrams (mg) per day of calcium.

Vitamin D is best known for its role in calcium absorption, but it may also help prevent colon cancer and reduce the risk of prostate cancer. Sunlight, such as when you’re working or exercising outside a lot, can also help you get enough vitamin D for beneficial health effects. Best way to get calcium is with vitamin D!

Vegan diets tend to be low in vitamin D, so it may be necessary to supplement with vitamin D.

For vegans, calcium sources are limited to dark green vegetables such as collard greens, kale, and turnip tops, which can provide about 100 milligrams of calcium in one serving.

In addition to consuming a lot of fruit and vegetables daily, you should try to drink a lot of fluid so the calcium can be better absorbed by the body.

12 Calcium Rich Foods

12 Calcium Rich Foods

There are several good sources of calcium. Some of the best sources include milk, yogurt, cheese, leafy green vegetables, sardines, and salmon with bones.

1) Milk


Milk is one of the most common sources of calcium in Western diets. Milk is rich in vitamin D which helps your body absorb and use calcium effectively. Just one cup (250ml) of cow’s milk boasts 300mg.

2) Cheese

Cottage Cheese

Cheese is another great source of calcium, many kinds of cheeses are also high in protein making it a balanced meal addition when consumed with whole grains or vegetables. Just a small amount of cheese such as 1 ounce (28 grams) of cheddar provides 204mg of calcium.

3) Yogurt

foods rich in albumin

Yogurt is also a great source of calcium and it is especially rich in vitamin B12 which allows your body to absorb the calcium in yogurt more efficiently. The average serving of yogurt contains 110mg of calcium.

4) Vegetables

15 Lowest Sugar Vegetables for Living Healthy Spinach

Leafy green vegetables are needed to diversify your diet. Salad between 1 cup (115g) of green leafy vegetables can provide 50mg of calcium.

5) Sardines


Sardines are one of the best sources for zinc, which in addition to calcium helps boost your immune system and has a calming effect on the nervous system. 100 grams of sardines provides 382mg of calcium.

6) Salmon

high fiber weight loss Salmon

Eating salmon is one of the best way to get calcium, it is also a good source of protein, niacin and selenium. One serving of salmon contains about 19% of the DV.

7) Green Peas

green peas

Green peas are another wonderful source of calcium, it is also a good source of fiber, vitamin K and vitamin C. 1 cup (180g) of cooked green peas provides 25mg of calcium.

8) Soybeans


Soybeans is the hidden champ of calcium. It is high in protein, iron, and phosphorus. 1 cup of soybeans contains 175mg of calcium.

9) Almonds


Almonds are another wonderful source of calcium and they can also help with sleep issues as well as cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, and heart disease. Just a hhalf-cup(85g) of almonds provides 184mg of calcium. Eating a handful of almonds can be one of the best ways to get calcium.

10) Broccoli

15 Lowest Sugar Vegetables for Living Healthy Broccoli

You can get calcium from broccoli, it contains 180mg of calcium in just one cup (144g) raw. You don’t need to eat dairy to get enough calcium.

11) Tofu


Tofu is another great source of calcium as well as other essential minerals and nutrients. 1 cup of cooked tofu provides 350mg of calcium.

Tofu is the best way to get calcium for vegans.

12) Blackstrap molasses

blackstrap molasses

Blackstrap molasses is a concentrated form of the mineral calcium and is used in making soft drinks, cookies, and other beverages as well as being used as a treatment for caries and an ingredient in many medicines. It also contains many other nutrients including proteins and other trace minerals. It has 10% of the DV for calcium.

Some people need to take supplements to get enough calcium, check the article below to read more:

9 Reasons Why Taking Calcium Supplements Is Important


As is apparent from this list milk, yogurt cheese, and leafy green vegetables are the best sources for calcium; however, you can also find good sources in fish, and other seafood, tofu, and legumes like lentils.

In order to maintain bone health it is important that you consume the right amount of calcium everyday. Although supplements are available, it is best that you get your calcium from food sources rather than aimlessly taking supplements. Make sure to talk to your doctor before making any important dietary changes or taking any nutritional or herbal supplements.

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Best Way to Get Calcium

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