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Here Is The Best Warm Up For Leg Day!

There are many leg day warm-up routines you can do that will minimize the risk of injuries. Just make sure to keep your goal in mind. If you’re trying to build mass, then rest absences should be kept at a minimum when doing any leg-focused warm-up routine to prevent muscle atrophy. Otherwise, if your goal is primarily overall health, then lighter sets with little overall impact can be effective in these cases for an efficient session. No worries, we have the best warm up for leg day!

So, you’re here now. You’re reading the article and now want to know what this warm-up entails. Keep in mind that the following workout is only a tool for getting you started on your journey. It’s designed to help get your blood flowing; increasing blood flow to crucial muscle areas which are most susceptible to injury when performing squats or deadlifts.

You can do it! You have the strength, agility, and technique needed to complete this warm-up without risking “breaking something”. But you need some help so don’t be afraid to ask for assistance if needed.

Why Warming Up is Important?

Why Warming Up is Important

Warming up before physical exercise is one of the most basic and most important things you can do to improve your performance.  Here are 7 great reasons to ensure that you’re doing this important step before working out:

  • Warming up increases blood flow to muscles, making them work more efficiently. It also reduces muscle fatigue and soreness after exercise, which means you can enjoy exercising more!
  • Decreases the risk of injuries by increasing muscular length and elasticity.
  • Raises your core temperature and heart rate, which gets your blood pumping and arteries expanding.
  • Reduces the risk of sudden muscle breakdown (catabolism).
  • It’s a low-impact way to prepare your body for a vigorous workout or race, gradually increasing your heart rate and helping prevent injuries.
  • It will help you feel more prepared to start a vigorous activity, as it is a time to mentally prepare for the task at hand.  
  • Increases energy by activating your metabolism and delivering oxygen to muscles tissue – it also energizes you for exercise!

How Many Times Should You Train Legs Within a Week?

How Many Times Should You Train Legs Within a Week

It’s not something one can always answer with an exact number. One person’s opinion on how often to train legs might be different to another person’s opinion on how often to train legs.

We will go over some of the most common implementations for training legs and you should use what works best for your career or personal goals. There are no wrong answers, but there are better and worse choices!

We must first learn what types of training should be implemented for your workouts. This will help you know whether to train legs 1-3 times per week or take it easy and only train legs two times per month.

We’ll take Full Body Training as an example:

This type of training is where you perform all (or most) major muscle groups within the same workout, generally 2-4x per week, utilizing the main workout along with accessory workouts that should only be performed once or twice each week. Also, you’ll avoid injuries if you implement our best warm up for leg day within your workout program.

Full Body training has many benefits. The main benefit is to allow for muscle group recovery while still allowing the person to train most major muscle groups. This allows for less time to completely recover before hitting another set of muscles hard. The main drawback is that if the person isn’t careful, overtraining may occur very quickly, as one workout can be quite taxing on you physically and mentally, even if you are hitting up multiple muscle groups.

We must also take a look at what type of training would be best suited for our activity level. Most people don’t have time to hit the gym six times a week.

Best Warm Up For Leg Day

Best Warm Up For Leg Day

Leg day is always a busy event for many people. There are many things that need to be done to prepare for this particular workout.

Why not start the workout with some proper warm-ups? All of these exercises are sure to help you get ready for your leg day so you can give it your all.

Doing these 5 exercises prior to your leg workout will definitely help your performance.

Here is the best warm up for leg day:

1) Flexion Abduction (stand on one leg, with arms outstretched) – This exercise helps you get moving and ready for your leg workout. Stand on one foot with your arms out in front of you; keeping the other foot in place, twist in both directions. You should really feel this in your obliques! Repeat 10x on each side.

2) Pistol Squat (squat down and extend one leg) – Not only does this help warm up your quads, but it also makes you feel the connection between your hips and your quad muscles. This is a great exercise to feel the feel of the muscle while you’re feeling it. Do 10 reps on each leg.

3) Single-Leg Toe Touch – If you’re a runner, then this is a great exercise for you. This exercise will help get your running legs warmed up and ready for the long run. Just make sure to do this on a hard surface otherwise you can get injured from stepping on things!

4) Alternating Plantar Flexion (stand on the toes of one foot and point the other foot up) – This will warm up your calves and stretch them out, making it easier for you to get your leg day workout in.

5) Iliotibial Band Stretch (grip either side of your knee and pull towards the opposite hip) – This is another exercise that can help you run better on leg day. It will warm up your IT Band which will be used when running.

Here you have it, the best warm up for leg day. Now you can do your squats and deadlifts without any worries.


Leg days are quite hard and they also have the most injury-prone exercises. Properly warming up is the key to avoiding injuries and performing in a high capacity. Thanks to our best warm up for leg day, your chance of injuring yourself is low.

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Here Is The Best Warm Up For Leg Day!

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