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17 Best Running Shoes for Kids That They Will Love

You may be thinking; do you really need to buy running shoes for kids? Can’t they run with casual shoes? Well, nope, because as you know, kids are always on the run. They play, jump, skip, climb trees and prefer to run instead of walking. So, when they are not wearing proper running shoes; they may injure themselves with ankle rolls and shin splints. Also, without comfortable running shoes, they’ll have blisters and hurt feet. Therefore, we recommend that you check our list of running shoes for kids; we have examined various running shoes for boys and girls both.

Most parents don’t want to buy running shoes for their children. There are two reasons for that; first, they think their kid’s feet will outgrow the shoes they bought and second, they don’t want to buy something that they think is expensive. However, we’ve got an objection to that way of thinking. Your kids deserve and need to have quality running shoes with proper support and comfortable sole. In fact, buying a pair of quality running shoes is a better investment than cheap running shoes that will wear and tear quickly.

Also, if you love outdoors and want to spend quality activity with your kids, they’ll love to come along with their new pair of quality running shoes.

In our list of running shoes for kids; we have shoes with great cushioning, breathability and affordability.

Running Shoes for Boys + Running Shoes for Girls

1) Saucony Ride ISO 2

The first running shoe on our list is Saucony Ride ISO 2. This pair of running shoes considered one of the best in the market with its comfortable and protective wear. Adding to that, the midsole has a soft Everun cushioning and also foam in the heel part is for the impact absorbing.

Besides that, if your kid has narrow feet, the upper part of this shoe wraps around the middle of the foot, makes it a proper fit. Also, the shoes are pretty lightweight.

You don’t have to worry about Saucony Ride ISO 2’s will get worn down before your kid outgrows them because; the outsole is made of rubber which makes it grip the ground with ease. And, the material is durable enough to handle a beating from the ground.

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2) ASICS Gel-Cumulus 21

If you have a hyperactive kid, ASICS Kids Gel-Cumulus 21 is literally made for marathon running. In fact, it has a bunch of shock-absorbing gel and EVA cushioning foam in its midsole, EVA foam gives comfort and stability. Also, the outsole of this shoe is sturdy and strong against outside impact. Don’t let all these descriptions make you think this pair of shoes are uncomfortable. On the contrary, it’s pretty lightweight and the upper part is breathable, which makes it summer-friendly.

Besides its technical qualities, ASICS Kids Gel-Cumulus 21 looks pretty neat with its style and colour scheme.

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3) ALTRA Big Boy’s AL0A4PE3 Youth Lone Peak – Trail Running Shoe

If you want to take your kid with you to your trail running session, ALTRA Youth Lone Peak is an amazing kid’s trail running shoes. The first reason that makes this shoe great is the wide toe box; this gives their feet a natural room. Second, the zero-drop platform with ample gives the feeling of running barefoot without the downsides of running shoeless. Adding to that, this pair of running shoes are quite lightweight even though they are very protective

ALTRA Youth Lone Peak looks identical to the adult version. In fact, the lugged outsole is great at gripping the ground like it. Also, if your kids’ feet start to grow, you can remove the sock liner to make more room.

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4) New Balance 888 V2 Lace-Up Running Shoe

The 888v2 is a shoe that has a large and dense medial post in the midsole to avoid overpronation. Also, the medial post helps with stabilization; nobody will see the difference from outside.

Compared to other running shoes for kids, this pair is a bit sturdier. Nevertheless, the midsole has soft Abzorb foam to absorb impact and cushion the feet.

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5) Under Armour Charged Impulse

The next running shoes for kids in our list is Under Armour Charged Impulse. This pair of shoes have cushioning with compression-molded foam that is responsive and durable. Also, the external heel counter gives support for other activities such as tree climbing besides running.

While the shoes stay on your kids’ feet also, the upper part will give a breathable experience. Similar to other running shoes in this list, it has lightweight EVA foam and solid rubber for impactful parts. This pair of running shoes will give a smooth and fun experience to your kids.

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6) Salomon Xa Pro 3D J Trail Running (Best Against Mud)

This is the second trail running shoes for kids on our list. Salomon Kids’ shoes are stable and quite strong when it comes to grip because of the high-quality rubber sole. Also, this shoe has breakaway laces in case your child gets caught with anything. It can handle pretty much all kinds of terrain.

If your kid loves to run in dirt and mud, no worries because the grip, stability and protection this shoe offers is unmatched for. Also, they can come with you to hiking, backpacking and trail running.

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7) Nike Girl’s Flex Experience Rn 7 Low Top Running

With its stylish look and flexible sole that feels like barefoot running; Nike Flex will be your kid’s favourite shoe. Especially if your kid has thin and narrow feet, this shoe will fit nicely.

Besides that, it’s quite durable, which makes this shoe a great choice before they outgrow their current shoe size. We also have good news for you, this pair of shoes clean up easily without too much hassle.

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8) Adidas Ultraboost 20 Running Shoe

Adidas’s boost midsole looks different and dope. Besides that, the cushioning that’s underneath the knit upper, which makes this fit nicely. However, you don’t have to worry about hot spots or blisters your kid might experience because it fits narrow arches too without making it unbreathable.

Just like the adults’ shoes, the Continental rubber in the outsole is the same quality. Your kid will be able to run on any terrain confidently. Adidas Kids’ Ultraboost 20 running shoes are high quality and an amazing investment into your kid’s feet health.

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9) Adidas Performance Hyperfast 2.0 K

Two Adidas shoes back to back, that’s because we can’t let this list continue without Hyperfast 2.0 K. If you want a shoe that has an Ortholite midsole that is comfortable and can handle moisture and odor; Hyperfast could be your best choice. Besides its comfortable inside parts, the outsole is flexible and supports the arch for an amazing running experience.

The material is kid-friendly and durable against impact. Your kid can run and play wherever he wants, without worrying if the shoes will let him down.

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10) ASICS Contend 5 PS Running Shoes

The tenth running shoe in our list shouldn’t feel far behind the others because pretty much all the shoes here are similar to each other. After all, it’s all a matter of preference. Nevertheless, ASICS Contend 5 PS running shoes have a structure that makes running easy. Athletic mesh gives an aesthetic look without compromising its breathability and moisture control. The midfoot support panel and Trusstic technology mimic the function of the foot’s ligaments and plantar fascia.

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11) Nike Roshe One (GS) Running Shoe (Nike Running Shoes for Girls)

Nike Roshe One running shoe is great for girls who want to run and play while wearing flexible and lightweight shoes. The mesh upper offers breathability, which makes your kid’s feet not smell bad because of sweat. We have to say that this shoe is for small and narrow feet. If your kid’s feet are bigger than normal size, it might not fit.

Your kid will feel great in this pair of shoes while running. Also, you’ll like how good it looks on her.

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12) Salomon Sense CSWP J

Your kid might like to run wherever he wants without worrying about what will happen to his shoes. They can jump on a puddle of water and run when it’s rainy because Salomon Sense CSWP J running shoes are protected against water. Besides its all-weather friendly build, it’s also comfortable, lightweight and fits amazing.

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13) Reebok Realflex Transition Shoe

Reebok Realflex feels like running barefoot without all the disadvantages. It feels flexible, lightweight and comfortable. Besides that, the outsole design gives multi-directional flexibility and a barefoot feeling with its quality material.

Your kid will have a lot of fun outside with these cool and comfortable running shoes.

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14) Nike Revolution 5 Grade School Running Shoe

With its rubber stable sole, comfortable fit and amazing look; your kid won’t stop wearing Nike Revolution 5. While wearing this shoe, soft foam technology will cushion their feet. Also, the lightweight mesh will help their feet breathe freely without interfering with their fun.

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15) Nike Star Runner 2 (GS) Sneaker

This shoe is one of the most liked kids shoes on the internet because of its simple design and superb features that deliver.

It has a rubber sole which provides durable traction without being too solid. In fact, this pair of shoe is quite flexible, and the extra foam around the collar gives support to the kids’ ankles.

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16) Adidas Fortarun X Running Shoe

This is such a kids’ shoe that the design will be enough to persuade your kid into wanting it. Also, you don’t have to worry if this shoe only offers good looks. Indeed; the comfortable fit, multidirectional rubber sole and quality material are the main features this shoe offers.

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17) New Balance Arishi V2 Bungee Running Shoe

The last shoe on our list has more than 30 different designs for both girls and boys. Besides its variety of design choice, it has Fresh Foam midsole cushioning that gives a comfortable and lightweight feeling. Also, we can’t skip that one of the most important aspects of a good running shoe is breathability; New Balance Arishi V2 Bungee offers exactly that with its awesome comfy build.

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It might seem like we’ve listed a lot of running shoes for kids, and it could feel confusing. In fact, the only real difference between some of the shoes is their brand and design. It’s up to you and your kid’s preference to choose a running shoe based on design and other minor differences because all of the shoes in this list can be considered as the best.

We hope that you’ve found an amazing shoe for your kid that will make them feel free, fast and happy.

Have you enjoyed our list? Which shoe do you think is the best? Let us know in the comments.

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17 Best Running Shoes for Kids That They Will Love

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