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The Best Beginner Stairmaster Workout for Weight Loss

Stairmaster is one of the most effective cardio machines for weight loss. A beginner stairmaster workout can make a real difference due to the difference in mechanics compared to other cardio machines, 

You’ll see results much faster because as a beginner; you’ll be able to adjust to stairmaster right away. Some people might not choose a rowing machine because they want to focus on the shape of their lower body; a stairmaster workout provides exactly that!

Stairmaster for Weight Loss

Stairmaster for Weight Loss

Stairmasters are amazing for weight loss. Only half an hour of workout on the stairmaster can burn between 180 to 260 calories depending on your weight and the effort you put into the workouts.

If you climb stairs faster like you are doing a HIIT workout, you’ll burn more calories due to the EPOC effect. Basically, you’ll keep burning fat even after you stopped working out.

You should keep in mind that, the American Heart Association recommends 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise per week for a stronger heart. (1) So, if you add the stairmaster workout 5 times a week in addition to your regular workout routine, your heart will get much stronger, and also your legs will be in better shape.

Stairmaster Vs Treadmill

Stairmaster Vs Treadmill

First of all, they both engage the legs quite effectively and they are simple functional moves. One is walking and the other is climbing stairs.

However, with a stairmaster you’ll burn more calories and push yourself harder than a treadmill. Yes, treadmill HIIT workouts are superb but, climbing stairs will engage your leg muscles more! A short and sweet beginner stairmaster workout can do wonders.

Even though it’s harder to find your balance on a stairmaster, due to engaging your core muscles to stabilize; you’ll increase your muscle size on your abdominal area more. You’ll be burning a lot more fat and also be able to tone and sculpt your lower body parts better.

So, what about the negative effects of stair climbing and why don’t we climb regular stairs instead of climbing on a stairmaster? It’s pretty well known that climbing stairs can hurt your knees but, actually going “down” on the stairs is the dangerous part about stair climbing. Also, as you know, you only climb “up” the stairs on the stairmaster. You don’t have to go down the stairs at all which minimizes the damage your knees would have got.

A stairmaster is great cardio equipment for recovering exercisers and the elderly because it’s low impact. Adding to that, you’ll be burning more calories and building more muscles to achieve toned and sculpted legs. However, a stairmaster can’t be found in most small gyms and it’s huge cardio equipment that takes a lot of space. Compared to a treadmill, it’s more expensive too.

Treadmills are much more accessible and just a little bit more beginner-friendly. You can do other things as you walk on the treadmill but, you have to spend more time on your treadmill for LIIT exercises. We always recommend HIIT exercises for faster benefits. Check the article below to take a look at treadmill HIIT workouts:

7 Best HIIT Workout on the Treadmill That Will Make You Lose Fat

Beginner Stairmaster Workout

The Best Beginner Stairmaster Workout for Weight Loss

We have to keep things spicy regarding this workout to keep your interest. Let’s be honest, if you’d only climb stairs the regular way; you might feel bored rightfully so.

So, this workout will take only 10 minutes and it has walking sideways, skipping a step to hit glutes more, and focusing on your heart rate zone. Keep in mind that your weight must be on your legs, don’t lean your weight on the bars, and keep your abs engaged and your spine long. Drive the movement through your heels to properly push yourself and to lower the stress your joints would get.

You have to do this workout for only 10 minutes. You can increase the time each week to progress.

Before you start; don’t forget to dynamically stretch. Regular stretching could lead to unnecessary muscle tension that can end with an injury. Stick to dynamic stretching.

Warm up for 2 minutes, don’t push yourself too hard. Just get your heartbeat a little faster than its resting rate.

30 seconds Fast Stair Climbing

15 seconds Skip a Step

30 seconds Regular Stair Climbing

15 seconds Walk Sideways

30 seconds Fast Stair Climbing

Repeat 5 Times

Best Stairmaster for Home

StairMaster SM5 StepMill

StairMaster SM5 has two windows LED console that shows time, levels, heart rate, calories, floor climbed, and how much it took you to climb each floor.

Also, this model has a quieter engine compared to older models. 8-inch stairs provide great exercises and stepping is much more fluid due to the design and added cushion.

There are 10 total workout programs included in the system if you want to try new and challenging workouts.

Check it Out


We’ve talked about a bunch of important topics on the stairmaster within this article. A beginner stairmaster workout can benefit you a lot regarding your weight loss journey, especially compared to other cardio equipment such as treadmills.

It takes only 10 minutes to finish your beginner stairmaster workout. Also, don’t forget to check this article to find a super fast HIIT Stairmaster workout:

Amazing Stairmaster HIIT Workout for Weight Loss – Only 5 Minutes!

If your gym doesn’t have a stairmaster and you got enough space in your home: check the stairmaster we recommended in the prior section.

Before you go, tell us in the comments if you find stairmasters viable for home usage?

Thank you for reading.

If you have any feedback, you can reach us out on our e-mail info@shapeutopia.com

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