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Awesome Assault Bike Workouts For Fat Loss

Assault bikes are much better than regular exercise bikes because you can train your upper body too. However, if you are not implementing the right workout, you won’t be able to see results. Thankfully, we got the best assault bike workouts for you!

It’s super critical to do the right assault bike workouts in order to lose weight and get your dream body.

What is an Assault Bike?

What is an Assault Bike

An assault bike is any type of stationary cycle machine used mostly in CrossFit workouts. The general rule for using an assault bike is to take four seconds to move your body part through its range of motion, then relax for two seconds before moving on to the next thing (jumping up, etc.). As your intensity gets higher there will be less time between contractions.

Working out at low intensity on an assault bike will be more about control than strength. High-intensity training on an assault bike is anything but smooth or controlled — you’ll be grunting and heaving yourself through the motions with some serious speed and power behind them.

Assault Bike is Great For

Assault Bike is Great For

If you’re looking for a workout that delivers a whole-body, high-intensity workout in a short amount of time, do cardio with an assault bike. This vigorous exercise is available at most fitness studios and health clubs and it can provide many benefits if done right.

With the Assault Bike, you’ll get all the benefits of cycling but with far less stress on your joints and you’ll be able to train your upper body. It tests both your mental fortitude and physical stamina while being low impact so it won’t put any added pressure on your knees or ankles.

The Assault Bike is also designed to be compact, lightweight, and portable which is perfect for home gyms. It is also an ideal way to get in shape before you embark on your summer travel plans or before you get back into the swing of things after the holidays.

One of the best ways to enjoy these benefits of cardio training with an assault bike is by using a circuit training program. Circuit training involves doing a number of exercises in a row without any rest periods during your workout. This type of intense, interval training will help develop your cardiovascular endurance while reducing recovery time because you are only resting between sets rather than between exercises.

Your Assault Bike workout will also burn a whole lot more calories. The Assault Bike costs about the same as a spin bike, but it can deliver 20 percent more calories burned per session compared to a spin bike or elliptical.

The pedal action on an assault bike is similar to that of a road bike, which means it forces you to use muscles that are normally used for pedaling a traditional bicycle. This makes your heart beat faster and your body prepares for oxygen uptake to be higher than with other cardio machines because you are using muscles you don’t normally use when biking.

The number of calories burned will depend on how much effort you put into your workout. You can burn 360 calories an hour with an effort level of 10 on the bike. Those who work harder will burn more calories by up to 10 percent. However, since the Assault Bike is designed to be low impact and in fact is harder than most spin bikes in most cases, you won’t achieve 30 minutes in a shorter amount of time. The average person will burn around 500 calories an hour with the same effort level and intensity.

Still, some people prefer regular exercise bikes, check the article below to find an exercise bike suitable for you:

The Best Home Exercise Bike to Burn Fat Like Crazy

The Best Assault Bike


With the NEW Assault Air Bike, a very old traditional air resistance bike is reinvented in a uniquely modern way. It fixes all the mistakes of the past and takes advantage of new technology. It takes advantage of bearings instead of bushings at all pivot points to provide a powerfully smooth operation.

Air resistance provides unlimited resistance to work out. Just speed up or slow down your legs and arms to determine your resistance. With the onboard smart computer console, you can keep track of time, distance, calories, watts, and RPMs.

There are motivating programs, like Tabata Intervals, which help build strength and stamina or you can monitor your pulse and build your aerobic base through the Heart Rate Monitoring Program. There are a lot of features packed into a frame that can handle punishment as well. 

Check it Out

Assault Bike Workouts

The assault bike workouts here are intense exercises that have both full-body exercises and assault bike workouts. We can also call the exercises below as CrossFit workouts:

1) Burpees Galore

  • 10 burpees,
  • 2 Minutes of Biking
  • 10 burpees
  • 5 minutes to complete

2) Shooting from the Hip

  • 20 wall-ball shots,
  • 1 Minute of Biking
  • 20 hand-release pushups.
  • 2 Minutes of Biking
  • 10 minutes to complete.

3) Booty Sculpting

  • 2 rounds – 10 squats with a 5-pound plate on each side of the back.
  • 1 minute of biking
  • Then 10 squats with a 5-pound plate on each side of the back again.
  • Continue alternating between squat and biking for another 10 minutes rest.

4) Chaotic Crossfit

  • 20 burpees
  • 1 Minute of Biking
  • 30 situps
  • 1 Minute of Biking
  • 20 box jumps (20 inch step-down or 3-4 steps),
  • 1 Minute of Biking
  • 30 air squats.
  • 1 Minute of Biking
  • 15 minutes to complete.

If you want to see how you can do CrossFit at home, check the article below:

Creative Crossfit Workouts You Can Do at Home


We have given 4 awesome assault bike workouts that can kick your butt. If you can do these exercises with ease, you are above average. If you can’t do any of these exercises, try to make these exercises easier by doing fewer reps.

Remember that practice makes perfect!

Thank you for reading.

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Awesome Assault Bike Workouts For Fat Loss

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