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Is 2 Protein Shakes A Day Unhealthy?

You got to hit your macros if you want to get lean and muscular; specifically your daily need of protein. Maybe you had a busy day and couldn’t eat enough protein rich foods. So, drinking 2 protein shakes a day can help you hit that goal. If you don’t, your body won’t be able to properly recover back from all the hard training it endured.

However, would it be actually ideal to drink another protein shake if you already had one during the day? After all, protein powders can’t take the place of whole foods. They are only supplements.

Yeah, a protein shake is a super easy way to help you build muscle, control your weight, and for overall growth and repair. Still, you have to know your macros and micros to make that protein shake help your goals.

In this article, we’ll talk about whether or not you should drink 2 protein shakes a day. Also, find out how much protein you need per day, can protein powders make you fat, and finally give out some healthy options.

How Much Protein Do You Need per Day?

protein shakes a day How Much Protein Do You Need per Day?

Before you even make yourself a protein shake, you should know how much protein you need per day because you may not need that protein shake.

Most people need only 0.8 grams of protein per kg of their body weight. However, people who have a lot of intense workouts like athletes should; get at least 1.2 grams of protein per kg of their body weight.

One kilogram equals 2.2 pounds, a person who weighs 165 pounds needs around 60 grams of protein per day.

If you eat three meals a day, you need to eat 20 grams of protein per meal. So, this could be hard if you are not big on eating. Drinking a protein shake can help you reach that easily. Still, would 2 protein shakes a day make you gain unwanted fat? Let’s answer that question in the next section.

Can Protein Shakes Make You Gain Weight?protein shakes a day Can Protein Shakes Make You Gain Weight?

Yes, if only you make your protein shakes unhealthy. If you put too many high carb and fat ingredients in it, that can make gain more fat than muscle.

How about two plain protein shakes a day? Would that make you gain weight also? Yep, it can, if you are using a protein powder that’s full of unnecessary calories and also added sugar to improve the taste. Most protein shakes have around 30 grams of sugar per serving, if you drink two of them that equals 60 grams of extra sugar per day.

Supplements such as protein powders can help you reach your goals; however, you got bigger issues to handle first. Besides a healthy protein shake, you need to keep everything on point; your exercises, diet, sleep schedule, stress levels, and more.

If you ignore one of the parts above, your results won’t be good as you anticipated and your progress will lag behind.

Also, we have to mention that solid foods make you feel fuller because chewing food helps your brain with satiation. So, you can feel hungry after a liquid drink like a protein shake. Still, if you need to repair your muscles faster; liquids get processed faster by your body.

Is 2 Protein Shakes A Day Too Much?

As long as you are using a healthy protein powder and keep your diet balanced; there is no need to worry about drinking 2 protein shakes a day. Most protein powders have around 25 grams of protein per serving, if you had a busy day; it’s alright to drink another one.

However, you’ll be getting 50 grams of protein in your shakes; if you are not very active, it’s better to stick 1 protein shake per day. Inactive people don’t need much protein anyway. 50 grams of protein in two shakes equal to more than 50% of your daily protein coming from them. You should emphasize whole foods to meet most of your daily protein requirements.

If you have to get a lot of protein because you exercise frequently, then 2 protein shakes a day is absolutely okay.

Healthy Protein Powders

Isolate One


Whey Isolate protein is for people who don’t want any sugar, fat, and extra calories in their protein powder. There are zero grams of sugar and fat in this product.

With Isolate One you’ll be getting high quality 100% pure whey protein isolate without any fillers and amino spikings. Besides that, this whey protein isolate gets absorbed faster than other proteins because Isolate One is made with Cross-Flow Micro-Filtration.

After this process; protein gets separated from fat, lactose, and cholesterol. Your body will easily absorb and digest it, due to that; we can say that it’s ideal for pre and post workouts.

In each serving Isolate One has 25 grams of protein. It’s extremely ideal for people who want to drink more than 1 protein shake.

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Protein for Her

Lose Weight with Protein Powder

Protein for Her is a tasty and healthy protein powder. In each serving, there are 100 calories, only 1 gram of sugar, and 1,5 grams of carbs. Also, it has 20 grams of protein content, it’s ideal for most people.

Besides whey protein, it also has Biotin and CLA. If you are looking to lose weight, you can make a protein shake with this protein powder to eat less. CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) is an all-natural weight loss supplement that helps to burn fat.

Also, Biotin helps you have healthy hair, skin, and nails besides assisting your weight loss and muscle preservation.

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Drinking 2 protein shakes per day is healthy; as long as your protein powder is not filled with unwanted calories and you get most of your protein from whole foods.

If you eat protein bars, don’t forget to check the article below:

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Do you drink lots of protein shakes and, what are your favorites? Let us know in the comments.

Thank you for reading.

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